Text, Talk, Share for free in a Timeline way! TU Me

Do you want talking, texting, and sharing photos all under one roof without using up your hefty and chargeable call minutes or texts in a timeline view? Here you are with an app TU Me.

TU ME, free calling and texting app
Get TU ME, free calling and texting app

The app called TU Me is free all-in-one global communication app that allows you to text, share and talk with your family and friends in a simple timeline way without using up your quota of calling minutes or texts!

The modes and means of communication have changed with the great changes in science and technology. We can see many options to traditional voice communication these days. Also there are various different applications that permit you to communicate in easier way than never before. 

Telefonica’s VoIP service, which, combines all the communications in a single hub for free. The app will store all the interactions in a timeline format and it will be web-based so that the users can access it from anywhere

A new concept TU Me, what’s and How’s?

The Telefonica at Madrid of O2 brand has proud to get integrated with a communication app called as TU Me.

This VoIP app for iOS & Android, is free to download and is promoting to members of Spanish telecom Telefonica’s O2, Movistar and Vivo networks. The company claims to have around 300 million of customers worldwide, till now.

The app works over Wi-Fi as well as on your carrier’s network and also offers free VoIP calling with integrated text and audio messages and photo sharing with location sharing. Also you are free to communicate or share with your other TU Me friends too!

They claim that TuMe is the only app that allows you to make calls, send instant messages, voice messages, photos and location from one control within one screen without switching to any other apps or tabs.

You can say that, this TU Me app could certainly set a challenge to the current existing VoIP apps such as Skype, Whatsapp and Viber VoIP free calling app

TU Me app allows you to send instant messages, share photos as well as share your current location in a single timeline view.

Salient features of TU Me

-You can make free voice calls from anywhere in the world without using up your call minutes.
-You can share voice messages, record audio messages and send to your TU Me friend fro free.
-You can send instant text messages to your TU Me friends.
-You can even share photos with your friends and family members.
-You can share your map location with just one click.
-You can also match your existing contacts with TU Me contacts and can invite new friends too.
-View all your conversations in a beautiful timeline manner, means you never going to lose track of what is going on!

This app and its features are FREE for the time being and are limited for the iPhone users worldwide but soon will be coming to other mobile users too in future.

They say, TU Me puts all your communications needs into one place, for free and is a great way for the people to stay in touch.

Get ready to get social with TU Me!

An article by Devashree B.

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