Real-time video call conference on 2G; EDGE, 3G, 4G, WIFI, Wired Networks

Can I do a real-time local or international Video Call Conferencing between my friends on 2G, EDGE, GPRS, 3G, 4G, WiFi & Wired networks?

Mobile to mobile video calling; Mobile to Tablet video calling; Tablet to Mobile video calling; 2G to 3G; 3G to 4G; 4G to WIFI, any combinations works over here:

Here is an app VSir (for Apple iOS, Google's Android, Symbian, Windows Phone) which permits video calling over cross-platform; cross-networks; 2G or GPRS and even cross video calling in between various data and wired networks like: 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi & Wired networks ...

World is coming closer with the rapid enhancements in the field of modern science and technology. We can now instantly see or view our friends or loved ones, staying miles away from us through Video Conferencing communication.

Video conferencing, video chatting has revolutionized the whole meaning of communication.

Previously, we use the traditional formats like phone calls to stay connected with friends or family members. But now, the smartphones, iPhone’s iPad’s have grabbed the place of traditional land line phones or simple mobile phones.

Perhaps, with the inventions of such gadgets and gizmos, the human life has become more prosperous, lively than ever before.

It is indeed fun, loving moment when we meet face-to-face with our family or friends, but sometimes it is not possible in this very busiest life schedules. Here video conferencing acts a substitute, an alternative for emotional meets.

You can now make a real time Video conferencing between the 2G, EDGE, 3G, and 4G or on Wi-Fi networks with VSir (Video Sir) free video call App.

VSir (Video Sir) Mobile Video Communication, What and How?

VSir Video Call app from the makers of Shanghai King Information Technology Company Limited is just an application on the integration of video call, voice call, text messaging, phone call as well as video monitoring (surveillance).

It is one of the very first app in iOS that support multiple video communication application, a multimedia and multi-functional smart telecom.

This innovative app radically transmits remote video through the 3G, 2G carrier networks. You can set its front end as a monitoring site through net books or mobile phones.

With its high-definition audio and video, intelligent network transmission, VSir creates a unique environmental monitoring system using which users can monitor the spots according to their requirements anytime, anywhere!

One simple step to get started with VSir video calls

You can sign in with your current cell phone number or you may register one VSir number to get started with ultimate free voice and video calls on your Android phones.

Let’s have a stroll on some features of VSir:

-It's absolutely free with high quality video calls over 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi worldwide.
-It supports Android, iPhone, iPod, iPad and also to other communication devices.
-Also supports thousands of mobile phones, tablets and computer models. Just install the app and begin with the great experience of video calling.
-It supports the wired, wireless networks and also the ordinary telephone call using.
-It’s easy to use, easy to communicate with necessary applications.
-You can get your own phone number with Free incoming received calls and messages.
-It is provided with easy home video monitoring (surveillance) capabilities that supports six cameras monitoring the switch. Be always happy while on vacations and happy back home!
-Download the VSir app for FREE from Apple iTunes site or Android's Google Play.

App for Android

:- By Devashree B.

There are no borders left for communication in the disruptive technological world. Never miss the very moment of life with your friends and near, dear ones with VSir video communication app and let the memories be placed in your heart forever.

Have a video chat with your friends, family anytime, anywhere on the Go, any network, any platform!


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You may try another very good desktop video conferencing app for Android: R-HUB

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