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Make unlimited free phone calls to Denmark landline phones from anywhere in the world over mobile, tablet, iPad, land line, Android or any old or ordinary phone over 3G, 4G, WIFI or local number calling or using internet calls,

Little Mermaid, Copenhagen, Denmark
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Localphone is an honest and established name in the disruptive telecom industry, they are giving away the free phone calls to Denmark as a promo and also you can make 5 minutes free calls to anywhere in the world without using your plastic card, just check the calling quality and access of ease!

If you like free calls ... than may be you can get subscribe to make cheap international calls with Localphone, they are one of the cheapest in the world and the minimum calling credit in your a/c is only $1 which never expires and is pay as you go, no service charges or no recurring charges, no contract at all ...

About Free Calls to Denmark, Copenhagen: (the country of Little Mermaid):

A full week to make unlimited free calls to landline phones in Denmark! Danish calls will be all free from 12pm GMT 31st October until 12pm GMT 7th November. You can call for as long as you want to as many people as you want. After the promotion ends calls will be charged at the normal rate of 1¢ per minute. 

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free calls, Denmark

Try for free 5 minutes, no obligation, international call to anywhere, without revealing your credit card number etc. Bookmark this blog! We are coming with more such freebies and free deals, stay tuned!

Cheap international calls with Localphone

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