How to back-up Texts and SMS messages on Electronic Cloud?

Idea Behind ...: Store and Back-up your text messages and SMS for free on the electronic cloud using a cloud app: Uppidy to make them secure and easily accessible forever!.

Lost your Smart cell phone, tablet? Do not get frightened you’re SMS and the text messages are still safely stored on the electronic cloud and could be restored with just one click of the mouse!

What is Uppidy?

With the invading amount and the elements of disruptive mobile communication technology, there is not a single individual found who does not make a SMS or a text message to his/her buddies or loved ones. Everyone enjoys the light chat or sharing some fun chats with friends via SMS.

There are some text messages which are hardly worth reading and definitely not worth saving, but you might want to save some special texts or cherished messages, in case you’re Smartphone lost or stolen.

start up known as Uppidy allows you to get back up of your text messages to the cloud making it easier to read your text messages whenever and wherever you want to.

Using Uppidy you can search your SMS or text messages by subject, contact or with any keyword or by setting an app on your mobile phone or in a browser. This way your messages can be explored from any devices.

Opening account on Uppidy site, you can keep a track if you want to change your carriers or models of mobile phone. Users can also link the app to popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google + for extra text updates and can also create their own group hash tags for personalized news feeds.

History behind Uppidy…behind the curtains!

Uppidy was discovered by a WashingtonDC based entrepreneur Joshua Konowe back before a year ago. The service through Uppidy is kept Free for all the consumers.

Joshua happened to launch this idea when he had accidently got dropped his cell phone in the washroom and he couldn’t easily get back his important text messages from the related mobile company. Thus, Uppidy came into existence.

Getting started with Uppidy!

Uppidy furnishes the ultimate storage solution for the individuals who want the same storage features like their emails have, but for their messages and SMS on their Smart cell phones.

Very often mobile users tend to lose or drop their phones accidently, otherwise switch to new carriers or phone models and find themselves loosing all their previous messages. Uppidy provides a simple storage solution for backing up all the text messages and storing them on electronic cloud and get accessed them when needed via computer or cell phone and also allowing them to share on social sites.

For using the Uppidy app, you have to register yourself to its official website or via your Smartphone app. Once you download the Uppidy app, you are asked if you want to back up your text messages. Once you have successfully downloaded the app, you can choose the time for how often Uppidy syncs texts to the cloud.

FYI: the syncing effect will cause a bad effect on your mobile battery, so it’s suggested to sync for less frequently, like you can sync every 24 hours.

Uppidy also tries to make your SMS social. When you get linked your Smartphone to the service, the texts that starts with hash tag#upp” are automatically sent to UppidyLive, unlike Twitter Stream just for the Uppidy customers text messages.

Simple steps to set-up Uppidy app, as follows:
-Download on your mobile phone or register at Uppidy site.
-With inviting three friends you can use Uppidy for life time.
-Follow the email instructions for account activation.
-Login in the app and set up the time for sync your SMS.
-Visit the site and watch your texts from the moment you downloaded the app. allows you to manage more than one phone per account.

Benefits of Uppidy app:
-Do not worry even if you loose your cell phone device, your SMS and text messages are safe and secure on cloud.
-Create your own groups etc.
-Keep track on all of your important conversations on the go!
-Even if change in carriers and models, have no fear.
-It saves texts and messages from shopping, travel or donations.

Currently you can download the app for Android and Blackberry.

For those who want an easy, comfortable way to archive personal communication, Uppidy is best and worth looking into.

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