How to Pin-point running location of Indian trains on Google maps using mobile phone?

Tracking the current location, status of your train can be easily possible now with RailRadar on a cell phone or web screen!

The Indian Railways constitutes one of the biggest and largest railways networks all over the world.

Now you can track your current or any running train on the rails, check the current location of the train on an interactive Google map too!

The Indian Railway has an app: RailRadar, a useful application with which you can track the current, exact location of the train or the station name of your trains on real time basis!

RailRadar, Check the real deal here

The Center for Railway Information Service (CRIS) has a useful web application for all of the citizens called as RailRadar.

RailRadar permits the users to get the location of a train on a map and also allows to track the motion of the iron wheels  or navigation on an approx. real time way (5 minutes delayed).

Using RailRadar app you can easily find the exact geographical location of the trains of the Indian Railway on Google maps. The users are also permitted to access the service from their cell phones via the device’s browser.

How the RailRadar, online train tracking app works?

Initially to begin with, you can just have a look over the trains to any location or city on the Google Map to see all the trains that have arrived or departed. Otherwise, you can also search the trains by the train name or number or by the station name.

FYI: Make sure that the location of the train displayed using RailRadar App are typically 5 and more minutes delayed from the actual time. For the latest train running status you can refer to the main portal of the Indian Railway page.

The first page of RailRadar display’s the map of India with the details of the trains running. If you click to view the status for a particular train, the map will depict the exact route of the train including the halts and the current location of that particular train.

The trains marked with the blue color indicates the trains that are running on given time while marked with color red shows the trains that are delayed or running beyond the scheduled time.

More interesting, like Google maps, the users can zoom in and out via mouse scroll or can browse the information for a specific train and also can track the status by station names.

Despite of the train data is refreshed in every 5 minutes, the current location and the status of the train displayed to you on Google Maps will have a delay time by at least 5 minutes.

On RailRadar you will find the latest train updates and status, so no need of any missing of the train hereafter. Also you can find the detailed information about the nearby trains, see the routes, halts and much more extra.

Enjoy the vacations and schedule a journey with Railradar to trot the Incredible India! Namaste India : )


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