How to remove nasty blue color scheme of your Facebook?

…They Say Mark Zuckerberg is red and green color blind, thus he created the FB with primarily default or dominant blue color theme which is/was easy or a rich color for him?!

why Facebook is by default blue in color?
Why Facebook is by default, blue in its prime color? How to change it?

… Have you got bored looking at the same Blue and White color combination of your Facebook page?

Spice up your Facebook pages by substituting the standard or monotonous blue and white color combination with something creative, vibrant-vibgyor-rainbow color schemes.

Facebook is the MOST popular spice in the online social trend of social networking sites. 

Recently, Facebook had celebrated one billion active users on the site and many more hitting daily, hourly…even people use to get sleep with FB : )

If you look at the Facebook’s main page and user interface with a keen eye, you will be amazed to see the Blue color scheme. A Blue header, white background, black texts and blue links is a standard color pattern of each Facebook page. Why so much Blue?

Actually it is a simple and sweet and neat looking interface but every user using Facebook could have some particular or unique liking for their visual display of a page and so the idea of changing the colors of Facebook page came into being.

Get rid of the Blue color theme of Facebook, How-to?

While surfing on web, we recently found a useful plug-in in Google Chrome directory that allows you to change Facebook color scheme from your browser. You can change your Blue color of Facebook according to your choice with just few simple clicks!

Install the plug-in (ColorMyFacebook) for Facebook color change from Google Chrome directory which is a trending one on fire. After installing, go to your Facebook page and click on the drop menu by the side of the home link.

Change FB color with Google Chrome plug-in
Change FB color with Google Chrome plug-in

A color palette will emerge when you click the color settings option from the menu. From here you can set the color you want for your Facebook page. If you want to keep the original Blue color of the page, you can click to Default Facebook icon and reset it.

FYI: Facebook color change plug-in is installed in the Google Chrome browser of a particular machine and the color change will appear on that machine only, otherwise, the browser will display the default Facebook theme.

Get wings to your fantasy with diverse creativity and amaze, entertain your friends by the daily new look of your Facebook page, send them your colored FB screen shots :)

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