Charlie bit my finger's free app for the most viral YouTube’s video

Don’t cross your fingers! Let little Charlie to bit your finger, this time :)

Get ready for big and loud oohs, oops, aahs and ouches…

You know, “Charlie bit my finger” is one of the most entertaining viral YouTube video in the internet history, viewed by millions of people (till now the count is: 488,187,534) worldwide. 

The two adorable REAL HUMAN brothers in the video (not Avatars or animations); Charlie (18 months old) and Harry (3 years old) had got big name and hall of fame and of course a bountiful advertising revenue from Google Adsense ads and have became internet digital legends within a very short span of time.

The 56 second video clip that  was filmed and uploaded in the year 2007 in which the one year old baby Charlie Davies-Carr bites the finger of his three year old brother Harry, (see their facial natural expressions, mind blowing) has been viewed around 486.5 million times on you tube, could you believe that?

Considering the popularity of this famous millions of time played video, the Rightster an Online video distributor firm and the Viral Spiral, a video management firm, together are co-producing the video apps of the viral you tube video Charlie bit my Finger!

You can talk, play and also can take pictures with these two lovely brothers, Charlie and Harry and can share them on social networks using an app on your iOS gadget: Apple iPad, iPhone, Mac, iPod Touch!

 Salient features of the App

-In this app (game), Harry will repeat everything what you say.
-You will have soundboard with Charlie’s and Harry’s sounds and phrases.
-Also have the original cute animations with challenging mini games
-You can have your own photos with Charlie using the Augmented Reality (AR) feature.

How to play the game?

It is very simple to play this game.

-Talk to Harry and he will imitate what you say in a funny voice.
-Interact with Charlie and harry by just tapping them.
-If you want you can listen to all the Charlie’s and Harry’s phrases from the original video by tapping the “Soundboard” button.
-Imagining yourself in place of Harry, you can take pictures with Charlie biting your finger using the Augmented Reality (AR) feature.
-Also you can play three challenging mini games with Charlie and Harry.

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. You can download the app for free from Apple iTunes!

Share your photos taken and bit by Charlie and Harry on social networking sites and amaze your friends. Enjoy playing the game forgetting your age and have fun all the way along!

Download free app to play Charlie cut my finger on Apple iOS

Download free app to play Charlie cut my finger on Google Android

Charlie and Harry both are a bit grown up kids now, meet them here, watch them on latest YouTube video and now little Charlie do not bit his brother Harry's finger anymore : ) 

Charlie, once who bit Bro Harry's finger is a grown-up kid now
Image courtesy:

Never forget, Charlie and Harry might be the internet viral celebrities or internet Heroes or idols for millions of crazy eyeballs, but let them still reeling in their very natural childhood, let nobody could snatch away their 'NATURAL KIDS' INSTINCTS' or the childhood in this reign of $$$s, fame, name or paparazzi-s, time and child hood  never comes again, let them play & fight like any kid-s of their age : ) 

Meet my kids:
Shradha Agarwal & Kartik Kumar
Shradha Agarwal & Kartik Kumar

On YouTube:

Love you dear Charlie and Harry, Shradha & Kartik, many luck and wishes ahead!  Amen!!!

Thanks to Devashree B. for writing & compiling this article, 


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