Phone calls & Texts Eraser App, for Security and Protection

A disruption in the mobile and wireless app technology has been fabricated to aid you and yours equally to keep all the secrets, ‘SECRET’,

… Meet CATE your personal, secretive Phones Calls and Texts Eraser app used for protection, security and personal privacy.

The technology is enriching and becoming wild, progressive with each passing day. An app CATE (Call and Text Eraser) is just to keep all your secret phone calls and texts messages hidden from your partner. 

Check the real idea here…

CATE aka Call And Text Eraser is the current hit in Android Play store which is getting eyeballs and reviews.

As the name implies, the app on your cell phone erases all the calls and messages with who you have been in contact with just a single touch of the button and the screen will never indicate who has called and all the private information can be erased from the phone forever.

The app also hides numbers from the contact list as well as particular calls and messages which you don’t want to get disclosed to your partner.

While reading texts from your secret lover, suddenly if your partner happens to walk in, a simple, quick shake of your Smartphone will make all the messages disappear in a while!

To start with the app, the user has to enter the secret code and there you are, ready to create, send text messages and calls to your secret lover :)

Phone calls & Texts Eraser App for Android, for Security and Protection
Phone calls & Texts Eraser App, for Security and Protection
History behind CATE!

CATE was originally designed by a Miami Cop, Phillip Immler, when he found his friend’s phone was hacked by his spouse.

The app was then bought by 25 year old, Indian-American entrepreneur from Boston: Neal Desai, who developed a phone app for adulterers that can erase all the secret text messages and calls with just a wave of their cell phones.

Salient features of CATE app

-The app is easy to set up and operate with NO hassles.
-It protects your privacy by secret number.
-The app icon is hidden on phone screen.
-It provides texts, calls, picture (MMS) blocking facility.
-It has the ability to start calls, SMS, MMS within the app itself.
-There is a quick clean for all private information with just a shake of cell phone.
- It provides automatic or manual syncing.
-It adds contacts from address book, contact list or can be done manually too.
-The secret App minimizes when idle.
-Also you can minimize the app within one quick shake.

…They say, It’s a privacy app and as with each technology that involves privacy there is good with some bad, but it also labeled a privacy application and could have uses for Government officials or Corporate business or for lawyers and for those whose entire business is based on keeping things confidential.

According to stats and numbers, since the app was launched, it has been downloaded 10,000 times and 70 percent of the purchase has been made by the women; the Venus on this Earth! Whooh…

Communicate with confidence; with your secret love whenever, wherever you want; call or text without any fear, worry of your better half, you will never be caught behind, there will be no more brick-bats for you :)

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