Call Denmark phones for free: Localphone

Make unlimited free phone calls to Denmark landline phones from anywhere in the world over mobile, tablet, iPad, land line, Android or any old or ordinary phone over 3G, 4G, WIFI or local number calling or using internet calls,

Little Mermaid, Copenhagen, Denmark
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Localphone is an honest and established name in the disruptive telecom industry, they are giving away the free phone calls to Denmark as a promo and also you can make 5 minutes free calls to anywhere in the world without using your plastic card, just check the calling quality and access of ease!

If you like free calls ... than may be you can get subscribe to make cheap international calls with Localphone, they are one of the cheapest in the world and the minimum calling credit in your a/c is only $1 which never expires and is pay as you go, no service charges or no recurring charges, no contract at all ...

About Free Calls to Denmark, Copenhagen: (the country of Little Mermaid):

A full week to make unlimited free calls to landline phones in Denmark! Danish calls will be all free from 12pm GMT 31st October until 12pm GMT 7th November. You can call for as long as you want to as many people as you want. After the promotion ends calls will be charged at the normal rate of 1¢ per minute. 

share and spread the word for the benefit of all concerned, thanks!

free calls, Denmark

Try for free 5 minutes, no obligation, international call to anywhere, without revealing your credit card number etc. Bookmark this blog! We are coming with more such freebies and free deals, stay tuned!

Cheap international calls with Localphone

How to remove nasty blue color scheme of your Facebook?

…They Say Mark Zuckerberg is red and green color blind, thus he created the FB with primarily default or dominant blue color theme which is/was easy or a rich color for him?!

why Facebook is by default blue in color?
Why Facebook is by default, blue in its prime color? How to change it?

… Have you got bored looking at the same Blue and White color combination of your Facebook page?

Spice up your Facebook pages by substituting the standard or monotonous blue and white color combination with something creative, vibrant-vibgyor-rainbow color schemes.

Facebook is the MOST popular spice in the online social trend of social networking sites. 

Recently, Facebook had celebrated one billion active users on the site and many more hitting daily, hourly…even people use to get sleep with FB : )

If you look at the Facebook’s main page and user interface with a keen eye, you will be amazed to see the Blue color scheme. A Blue header, white background, black texts and blue links is a standard color pattern of each Facebook page. Why so much Blue?

Actually it is a simple and sweet and neat looking interface but every user using Facebook could have some particular or unique liking for their visual display of a page and so the idea of changing the colors of Facebook page came into being.

Get rid of the Blue color theme of Facebook, How-to?

While surfing on web, we recently found a useful plug-in in Google Chrome directory that allows you to change Facebook color scheme from your browser. You can change your Blue color of Facebook according to your choice with just few simple clicks!

Install the plug-in (ColorMyFacebook) for Facebook color change from Google Chrome directory which is a trending one on fire. After installing, go to your Facebook page and click on the drop menu by the side of the home link.

Change FB color with Google Chrome plug-in
Change FB color with Google Chrome plug-in

A color palette will emerge when you click the color settings option from the menu. From here you can set the color you want for your Facebook page. If you want to keep the original Blue color of the page, you can click to Default Facebook icon and reset it.

FYI: Facebook color change plug-in is installed in the Google Chrome browser of a particular machine and the color change will appear on that machine only, otherwise, the browser will display the default Facebook theme.

Get wings to your fantasy with diverse creativity and amaze, entertain your friends by the daily new look of your Facebook page, send them your colored FB screen shots :)

How to back-up Texts and SMS messages on Electronic Cloud?

Idea Behind ...: Store and Back-up your text messages and SMS for free on the electronic cloud using a cloud app: Uppidy to make them secure and easily accessible forever!.

Lost your Smart cell phone, tablet? Do not get frightened you’re SMS and the text messages are still safely stored on the electronic cloud and could be restored with just one click of the mouse!

What is Uppidy?

With the invading amount and the elements of disruptive mobile communication technology, there is not a single individual found who does not make a SMS or a text message to his/her buddies or loved ones. Everyone enjoys the light chat or sharing some fun chats with friends via SMS.

There are some text messages which are hardly worth reading and definitely not worth saving, but you might want to save some special texts or cherished messages, in case you’re Smartphone lost or stolen.

start up known as Uppidy allows you to get back up of your text messages to the cloud making it easier to read your text messages whenever and wherever you want to.

Using Uppidy you can search your SMS or text messages by subject, contact or with any keyword or by setting an app on your mobile phone or in a browser. This way your messages can be explored from any devices.

Opening account on Uppidy site, you can keep a track if you want to change your carriers or models of mobile phone. Users can also link the app to popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google + for extra text updates and can also create their own group hash tags for personalized news feeds.

History behind Uppidy…behind the curtains!

Uppidy was discovered by a WashingtonDC based entrepreneur Joshua Konowe back before a year ago. The service through Uppidy is kept Free for all the consumers.

Joshua happened to launch this idea when he had accidently got dropped his cell phone in the washroom and he couldn’t easily get back his important text messages from the related mobile company. Thus, Uppidy came into existence.

Getting started with Uppidy!

Uppidy furnishes the ultimate storage solution for the individuals who want the same storage features like their emails have, but for their messages and SMS on their Smart cell phones.

Very often mobile users tend to lose or drop their phones accidently, otherwise switch to new carriers or phone models and find themselves loosing all their previous messages. Uppidy provides a simple storage solution for backing up all the text messages and storing them on electronic cloud and get accessed them when needed via computer or cell phone and also allowing them to share on social sites.

For using the Uppidy app, you have to register yourself to its official website or via your Smartphone app. Once you download the Uppidy app, you are asked if you want to back up your text messages. Once you have successfully downloaded the app, you can choose the time for how often Uppidy syncs texts to the cloud.

FYI: the syncing effect will cause a bad effect on your mobile battery, so it’s suggested to sync for less frequently, like you can sync every 24 hours.

Uppidy also tries to make your SMS social. When you get linked your Smartphone to the service, the texts that starts with hash tag#upp” are automatically sent to UppidyLive, unlike Twitter Stream just for the Uppidy customers text messages.

Simple steps to set-up Uppidy app, as follows:
-Download on your mobile phone or register at Uppidy site.
-With inviting three friends you can use Uppidy for life time.
-Follow the email instructions for account activation.
-Login in the app and set up the time for sync your SMS.
-Visit the site and watch your texts from the moment you downloaded the app. allows you to manage more than one phone per account.

Benefits of Uppidy app:
-Do not worry even if you loose your cell phone device, your SMS and text messages are safe and secure on cloud.
-Create your own groups etc.
-Keep track on all of your important conversations on the go!
-Even if change in carriers and models, have no fear.
-It saves texts and messages from shopping, travel or donations.

Currently you can download the app for Android and Blackberry.

For those who want an easy, comfortable way to archive personal communication, Uppidy is best and worth looking into.

4G-LTE: AT&T Mobile Hotspot (MiFi)- with Touch screen Display

Connect with your favorite Wi-Fi devices to the Internet on the go with AT&T’s Mobile hotspot creator or popularly known as MiFi, Mobile Hotspot with a touch screen display!

AT&T and Novatel Wireless together present the next generation mobile hotspot MiFi, the first ever mobile hotspot with a 2.8-inch touch screen display.

With the rapid, productive growth in the technology sector, the human race is benefited and is leveled up a step towards the ease.

Considering the value & pace of connection and communication, the world’s largest, premier communication holding company as well as one of the most honored companies in the world, AT&T is proud to be an exclusive carrier of the new MiFi Liberate, the first ever mobile hotspot with touch screen display.

A mobile hotspot with touch screen display, what’s different?

This new mobile hotspot with a vibrant 2.8 inch, color touch screen display is developed by Novatel Wireless and powered by the world’s largest 4G network, the MiFi Liberate. Using this, customers can comfortably connect up to 10 Wi-Fi, view the data usage status, also can manage the connected devices and can change the network and device settings directly from the device.

The new device is an improvement over the older MiFi personal hotspots due to its 2.8 inch touch screen and up to 11 hours of continuous battery support.

Moreover, most of the devices configuration is managed on the MiFi Liberate.

To quote, Jeff Bradley, the senior vice president-Devices, AT&T:

“We are committed to delivering wireless solutions that empower our customers and make their lives easier”.

They say MiFi Liberate, as the name implies, is designed to connect the users to the mobile Internet when away from home or office, by outfitting them with their own portable hotspots, so that they can be in touch with the people and places accordingly.

This new MiFi Liberate also offers connectivity around more than 200 countries, allowing convenience and affordability in browsing the Internet, check and send emails as well as upload photos while overseas.

The users can also easily share files and media stored with the help of the pre-inserted micro SD card from the connected Wi-Fi devices.

Using this 4G LTE, mobile hotspot armed with touch screen display, connection and communication with our loved one’s has become so very easier and comfortable.

About AT&T

It is a known communications holding corporate in the world. Its subsidiaries and affiliates are the providers of AT&T services in United States and all around the world. It has the powerful range of network resources including the nation’s largest 4G network.

AT&T is the leading provider of wireless, Wi-Fi, high speed Internet, voice and cloud based services all over the globe. It is recognized as a leader in mobile Internet and also offers the best wireless coverage worldwide of any U.S carrier, proposing the most wireless phones that work in the most countries.


Claim Skype Free International Call Credit; Make Calls to Global Mobiles and Land lines is still the unchallenged and unmatched; easy and one of the best; reliable and most popular worldwide calling app or software over the net to make unlimited free local, global or long distance calling from any where to any where on the Earth! 

Get a month of unlimited free calls and group video calls from Skype|7001_B1-_-Engagement%20-%20FSWL

How-To make unlimited free Skype to Non-Skype overseas calls?

Skype, the VoIP King has an limited-unlimited no-obligation deal (worth €7.99) to make free calls to anywhere in the world for a month; to offline phones which includes land lines, cell phones and this is not a compulsion to make Skype to Skype-only free calls this time: 

Get free calling credit from Skype, to make free calls to international phone numbers, cell phone, land lines and offline phones
Get free calling credit from Skype, to make free calls to international phone numbers, cell phone, land lines and offline phones

• One month of free unlimited calls*, worth €7.99. 
• Free Skype unlimited calls to cell phones in seven countries, including the USA, Canada* etc.. 
• Unlimited calls to landlines in over 40 countries*. 
• Call when you want, day and night, seven days a week. 
• No obligation — try it for a month and cancel at any time.

Skype says free calling countries are as:

Calls to landlines in these countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg only), Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom and Venezuela.

Calls to landlines and mobiles in these countries: Canada, Guam, Hong Kong S.A.R., Puerto Rico, Singapore, Thailand and United States.

Fine Print-s: 

1 Offer available while supplies last. To qualify for the offer, you must have or create a Skype account and provide valid payment details. After the first month, your subscription will automatically continue and payments will be taken monthly unless you cancel subscription within 27 days from the start of your trial (free trial runs one month despite cancelation of recurring subscription). Only one Skype Premium with Unlimited World subscription can be claimed per customer. Offer not available in China, South Korea or Taiwan. Skype reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.
2 A fair use policy applies. Excludes special, premium and non-geographic numbers. Mobile calls to select countries only.
3 Group video calls can be between three or more people (up to a maximum of 10), and at least one person on the call needs to have a Skype Premium account. For the best quality, we recommend calls with up to five people. A fair usage policy applies to group video calling.Click here for more details.
4 You will be charged the recurring amount in the currency you have selected to maintain your account.

BTW: To initiate a free Skype VoIP (Skype) to Non-VoIP (non-Skype) global or local calling you should have Internet, 3G, 4G, WIFI etc. network, but your call could terminate or end up on any phone and that terminating or call receiving phone do not require to have any internet, WIFI or 3G or Skype connectivity!

Helpful links:

Phone calls & Texts Eraser App, for Security and Protection

A disruption in the mobile and wireless app technology has been fabricated to aid you and yours equally to keep all the secrets, ‘SECRET’,

… Meet CATE your personal, secretive Phones Calls and Texts Eraser app used for protection, security and personal privacy.

The technology is enriching and becoming wild, progressive with each passing day. An app CATE (Call and Text Eraser) is just to keep all your secret phone calls and texts messages hidden from your partner. 

Check the real idea here…

CATE aka Call And Text Eraser is the current hit in Android Play store which is getting eyeballs and reviews.

As the name implies, the app on your cell phone erases all the calls and messages with who you have been in contact with just a single touch of the button and the screen will never indicate who has called and all the private information can be erased from the phone forever.

The app also hides numbers from the contact list as well as particular calls and messages which you don’t want to get disclosed to your partner.

While reading texts from your secret lover, suddenly if your partner happens to walk in, a simple, quick shake of your Smartphone will make all the messages disappear in a while!

To start with the app, the user has to enter the secret code and there you are, ready to create, send text messages and calls to your secret lover :)

Phone calls & Texts Eraser App for Android, for Security and Protection
Phone calls & Texts Eraser App, for Security and Protection
History behind CATE!

CATE was originally designed by a Miami Cop, Phillip Immler, when he found his friend’s phone was hacked by his spouse.

The app was then bought by 25 year old, Indian-American entrepreneur from Boston: Neal Desai, who developed a phone app for adulterers that can erase all the secret text messages and calls with just a wave of their cell phones.

Salient features of CATE app

-The app is easy to set up and operate with NO hassles.
-It protects your privacy by secret number.
-The app icon is hidden on phone screen.
-It provides texts, calls, picture (MMS) blocking facility.
-It has the ability to start calls, SMS, MMS within the app itself.
-There is a quick clean for all private information with just a shake of cell phone.
- It provides automatic or manual syncing.
-It adds contacts from address book, contact list or can be done manually too.
-The secret App minimizes when idle.
-Also you can minimize the app within one quick shake.

…They say, It’s a privacy app and as with each technology that involves privacy there is good with some bad, but it also labeled a privacy application and could have uses for Government officials or Corporate business or for lawyers and for those whose entire business is based on keeping things confidential.

According to stats and numbers, since the app was launched, it has been downloaded 10,000 times and 70 percent of the purchase has been made by the women; the Venus on this Earth! Whooh…

Communicate with confidence; with your secret love whenever, wherever you want; call or text without any fear, worry of your better half, you will never be caught behind, there will be no more brick-bats for you :)

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How to Pin-point running location of Indian trains on Google maps using mobile phone?

Tracking the current location, status of your train can be easily possible now with RailRadar on a cell phone or web screen!

The Indian Railways constitutes one of the biggest and largest railways networks all over the world.

Now you can track your current or any running train on the rails, check the current location of the train on an interactive Google map too!

The Indian Railway has an app: RailRadar, a useful application with which you can track the current, exact location of the train or the station name of your trains on real time basis!

RailRadar, Check the real deal here

The Center for Railway Information Service (CRIS) has a useful web application for all of the citizens called as RailRadar.

RailRadar permits the users to get the location of a train on a map and also allows to track the motion of the iron wheels  or navigation on an approx. real time way (5 minutes delayed).

Using RailRadar app you can easily find the exact geographical location of the trains of the Indian Railway on Google maps. The users are also permitted to access the service from their cell phones via the device’s browser.

How the RailRadar, online train tracking app works?

Initially to begin with, you can just have a look over the trains to any location or city on the Google Map to see all the trains that have arrived or departed. Otherwise, you can also search the trains by the train name or number or by the station name.

FYI: Make sure that the location of the train displayed using RailRadar App are typically 5 and more minutes delayed from the actual time. For the latest train running status you can refer to the main portal of the Indian Railway page.

The first page of RailRadar display’s the map of India with the details of the trains running. If you click to view the status for a particular train, the map will depict the exact route of the train including the halts and the current location of that particular train.

The trains marked with the blue color indicates the trains that are running on given time while marked with color red shows the trains that are delayed or running beyond the scheduled time.

More interesting, like Google maps, the users can zoom in and out via mouse scroll or can browse the information for a specific train and also can track the status by station names.

Despite of the train data is refreshed in every 5 minutes, the current location and the status of the train displayed to you on Google Maps will have a delay time by at least 5 minutes.

On RailRadar you will find the latest train updates and status, so no need of any missing of the train hereafter. Also you can find the detailed information about the nearby trains, see the routes, halts and much more extra.

Enjoy the vacations and schedule a journey with Railradar to trot the Incredible India! Namaste India : )


Charlie bit my finger's free app for the most viral YouTube’s video

Don’t cross your fingers! Let little Charlie to bit your finger, this time :)

Get ready for big and loud oohs, oops, aahs and ouches…

You know, “Charlie bit my finger” is one of the most entertaining viral YouTube video in the internet history, viewed by millions of people (till now the count is: 488,187,534) worldwide. 

The two adorable REAL HUMAN brothers in the video (not Avatars or animations); Charlie (18 months old) and Harry (3 years old) had got big name and hall of fame and of course a bountiful advertising revenue from Google Adsense ads and have became internet digital legends within a very short span of time.

The 56 second video clip that  was filmed and uploaded in the year 2007 in which the one year old baby Charlie Davies-Carr bites the finger of his three year old brother Harry, (see their facial natural expressions, mind blowing) has been viewed around 486.5 million times on you tube, could you believe that?

Considering the popularity of this famous millions of time played video, the Rightster an Online video distributor firm and the Viral Spiral, a video management firm, together are co-producing the video apps of the viral you tube video Charlie bit my Finger!

You can talk, play and also can take pictures with these two lovely brothers, Charlie and Harry and can share them on social networks using an app on your iOS gadget: Apple iPad, iPhone, Mac, iPod Touch!

 Salient features of the App

-In this app (game), Harry will repeat everything what you say.
-You will have soundboard with Charlie’s and Harry’s sounds and phrases.
-Also have the original cute animations with challenging mini games
-You can have your own photos with Charlie using the Augmented Reality (AR) feature.

How to play the game?

It is very simple to play this game.

-Talk to Harry and he will imitate what you say in a funny voice.
-Interact with Charlie and harry by just tapping them.
-If you want you can listen to all the Charlie’s and Harry’s phrases from the original video by tapping the “Soundboard” button.
-Imagining yourself in place of Harry, you can take pictures with Charlie biting your finger using the Augmented Reality (AR) feature.
-Also you can play three challenging mini games with Charlie and Harry.

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. You can download the app for free from Apple iTunes!

Share your photos taken and bit by Charlie and Harry on social networking sites and amaze your friends. Enjoy playing the game forgetting your age and have fun all the way along!

Download free app to play Charlie cut my finger on Apple iOS

Download free app to play Charlie cut my finger on Google Android

Charlie and Harry both are a bit grown up kids now, meet them here, watch them on latest YouTube video and now little Charlie do not bit his brother Harry's finger anymore : ) 

Charlie, once who bit Bro Harry's finger is a grown-up kid now
Image courtesy:

Never forget, Charlie and Harry might be the internet viral celebrities or internet Heroes or idols for millions of crazy eyeballs, but let them still reeling in their very natural childhood, let nobody could snatch away their 'NATURAL KIDS' INSTINCTS' or the childhood in this reign of $$$s, fame, name or paparazzi-s, time and child hood  never comes again, let them play & fight like any kid-s of their age : ) 

Meet my kids:
Shradha Agarwal & Kartik Kumar
Shradha Agarwal & Kartik Kumar

On YouTube:

Love you dear Charlie and Harry, Shradha & Kartik, many luck and wishes ahead!  Amen!!!

Thanks to Devashree B. for writing & compiling this article, 


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