Cheapest International Call Rates to Top 11 Most Expensive places to call to

LocalPhone from UK guys have such fantastic calling rates and call quality with an ease of access to the destinations which are known for the most expensive international calling rates in the world, their service is tested and tried and used by me, they are just amazing, 

1. Try for free 5 minutes call to almost anywhere in the world, without revealing your credit card number etc.,
2. Start with minimum only $1 credit in your balance, no expiry ever, until you actually use it, pay as you go model,
3. Make calls over any mobile phone, land line, tablets, iPad, PC via local numbers or over 3G, 4G or WIFI  networks,
4. No contract, no taxes, no VATs etc., nice call quality, reliable and long term friend for you,

I was browsing Rebtel's blog (a nice mobile VoIP providers from Sweden), now see what Rebtel blog says about the most expensive calling countries:

Ses LocalPhone calling rates in action in a YouTube video:

See  LocalPhone's cheapest calling rates and compare with Verizon, Sprint etc, and than you are the best judge,

Per Minute rates:
1. Call North Korea for 89¢ with Localphone ($2.49 Verizon/$2.49 Sprint),
2. Call Madagascar for 38¢ with Localphone ($2.38 Verizon/ $2.29 Sprint),
3. Call Comoros for 40¢ with Localphone ($2.07 Verizon/$2.07 Sprint),
4. Call Chad from 15.4¢ with Localphone ($1.99 Verizon/ $2.11 Sprint),
5. Call Guinea-Bissau from 32¢ with Localphone ($1.85 Verizon/ $1.82 Sprint)
6. Call Laos for 4.9¢ with Localphone ($1.52 Verizon/ $1.49 Sprint)

7. Call Vanuatu for 47¢ with Localphone ($1.49 Verizon/$1.49 Sprint)

8. Call Tuvalu for 50¢ with Localphone ($1.49 Verizon/$1.49 Sprint)

9. Call Nauru for 89¢ with Localphone ($1.49 Verizon/$1.38 Sprint)

10. Call Cuba for 89¢ with Localphone (Verizon $1.19/ $1.19 Sprint)

11. Call Niue for 59¢ with Localphone

Cheap international calls with Localphone

Why people use highly expensive calls to make overseas calling (lack of information or knowledge)?  when Localphone is there and our blog is here to suggest the best things in the life, you deserve, just for you, just bookmark, subscribe for free, share us everywhere and spread the world to become the best and a valuable community on the Earth.

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