Why there is NO dial-tone in a cell phone? Ever thought?

Isn't that an interesting question? Did you ever thought that why do our mobile phones; the very techie smart phones, iPhones, iPads or Android, Windows phones, tablets do not have a dial-tone? :)

… We are living in an era where the dial tone is obsolete now and Ring Tone has predominantly present all along : ) But why and how phones could live without the dial-tone?

Well, let’s charge our brain and try to think the answer for the above question, can I share with you just my thoughts?

As we see, the sci-fi world around us is exploring with new heights and new visions. Ground breaking improvements have taken place in the recent technology stream leaving behind the traditional formats.

There is enormous progress in the tech world from mobile phones to smart phones, tablets, phablet (phone cum tablet PC), iPhone’s, iPad’s, iPod Touch etc… that had made human life easier than ever before.

It is likely to be seemed as these gadgets and gizmos have a strong hold on the future generation. The youngsters and teens always want to get their hands on the new, innovative inventions and are more used to with all the gadgets.

Mobile phone plays an important role in communication or interacting with our near and dear ones’ who are staying miles away from us. With the change in modes and means, communication has gone viral!

When Alexandra Graham Bell (historic sentence: "Mr. Watson come here, I want to see you") invented telephone, we, the common people felt joyful that we can now stay in touch with others by phone. But who knows, that the mobile revolution will touch new heights and parallels change meaning of communication?
Alexandra Graham Bell's early model of telephone
Image courtesy:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invention_of_the_telephone
Currently there is rip-snorting growth in the field of disruptive telephony. Various smart phones; android, blackberry, Nokia, HTC, Apple, Samsung, the giants of the mobile telephony world had encountered with several new futuristic mobile phones, not only to make voice calls, but also for chatting, texting, mobile video conferencing, surfing Internet and to lot more apps downloaded on it.

Do you think these giants are reeling in a mad rat’s race, with no motive and just want to grab the top most coveted #1 position?

Well, the world is leading surprisingly towards the new era of telecommunication. Life has become more comfortable. 

The masterminds all over the globe are providing us with top-notch gadgets that contribute in easiness of life.

Why can’t we hear a dial-tone in our cell phones but hear it on our landline phones?

FYI (for the records; from the annals of history & archives):

When one of the the most 'raw or the most early version of telephone or system was invented, a ' human phone operator' would have to reply or rather assist manually, when any caller picks up the phone to initiate a phone call. 

Later the human phone operators were got replaced by an automated calling system, than a tone was automatically generated (dial tone to denote that the telephone system or phone line is live, ok and perfect to dial a call) which substituted the human operators' voice, the caller has to pick up the phone receiver, go-off hook and each numerical number or the digit was transmitted as it was dialed

No matter, means and modes of communication have changed painstakingly; the traditional dialers are still being used in rural and urban areas.

We can hear a loud dial-tone over these fixed phone dialers as the telephone is connected physically to a telephone exchange by pair of wires from the customer’s house or work place.

To make a call customer need to pick up the receiver and dial a number. A dial-tone is generated to let the customer know that the system is working properly and a call could be dialed. It was then the customer dials a phone number and each digit is transmitted as it was dialed and the call is connected.

In a modern mobile communication, the cell phones are not connected physically to any of the mobile exchange. They allow entering the number while dialing, the digits are stored as they are entered and the call is connected when the subscribers press a “CALL” button.

Thus technically the cell phones or mobiles never got 'dead' (without a dial tone) as they already do not have a dial tone, they are having wireless connectivity always to the telecom networks and they only would be technically 'dead' if there is NO wireless signal, but the land line phones still could always be dead if the dial tone is not presence in it, for any reasons like faulty lines or broken wires etc, 

Thus, the secret is unfolded, we could never hear a dial-tone prior to making a mobile call or while picking up the cell phone like any land line phone!

Life is being extravagantly evolving with the daily new disruptions and introductions in the world of telephony or science and technology. Everything has become like a couch potato and could be done with one click of your finger.

… But certainly, time for self; that mental peace and that health have lost somewhere in the ‘digital or electronic cloud’ with the ease of access?! What do you think?

Written by Devashree B., exclusively for this telephoon.blogspot.com blog. 

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