T-Mobile's Clever-Connect VoIP in UK; like Bobsled VoIP free calling in US

With the advancement in the field of telecommunication, video calling, mobile telephony, VoIP etc. the telephony too has evolving as the disruptive telephony in the recent years, the communication with our near and dear ones, specially who are abroad has become a lot easier, painless, quicker and cheaper or free than ever before.

Well, keeping in touch with our family and friends abroad is important, but it’s quite expensive to have a long chat with them. Thus, to enjoy the unlimited FREE communication, UK’s (Europe) T-Mobile, offers a VoIP service app called Clever-Connect.

We know that previously, T-Mobile has successfully launched Bobsled service, a VoIP communication platform that permitted their smart phone users to make free calls in the US and also to call their Facebook friends from their cell phones.

They have expanded something same of VoIP calling that allows to make a FREE calls to any mobile or landline number in the US, Canada or Puerto Rico from anywhere in the world through the desktop browser.

T-Mobile VoIP in UK-Clever Connect to make free calls like Bobsled in USA
T-Mobile VoIP in UK-Clever Connect to make free calls like Bobsled in USA
T-Mobile’s Clever-Connect app for UK guys to make free VoIP calls, what is it?

For those who are really interested in mobile VoIP, this app is worth considering.

T-Mobile Clever-Connect VoIP app has been developed by Danish Mobile VoIP communications company Vopium.

The app allows you the best, universal way to stay in touch with your friends and family for FREE when connected to the web.

…It can be used over Wi-Fi or 3G and also with other VoIP services to make FREE calls; the only condition is both the end users have the app downloaded (similar like of Skype).

Working of T-Mobile’s Clever-Connect

T-Mobile, has effectively gained popularity in becoming a powerful provider of free internet phone calls and texts. Clever-Connect is trying to stepped ahead of Skype, LocalPhone, Fring, Viber, Tango and Rebtel etc. in providing a free VoIP calls and text to those who download the app.

The App uses mobile VoIP technology over Wi-Fi and 3G to make the calls. If you have signed up to the T-Mobile’s CleverConnect trial or if one of your friends invited you to join, then you can make FREE calls to one another.

Start making calls with few simple steps:

·           · Sign up for T-Mobile Clever-Connect Trial,
· Download the app for FREE,
· Sign in your account with your phone number and password (Already received after downloading the app),
· Connect with you near and dear one’s for free! Make a call on the go for FREE!
. The app is available on Android and iOS platform too. Call anyone over Clever-Connect      VoIP app to app for making FREE calls!

Download this VoIP app in UK from T-Mobile and stay in touch with your buddies from anywhere to everywhere on the go for free!

-A story produced by Devashree B., exclusively for Telephoon.blogspot.com


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