Why a digital camera needs mobile operating system or Android jelly bean OS, WIFI, 3G, 4G, voice command?

Digital Camera that communicates with social networks

A silent or a mute war is reeling in-between the titans of the disruptive telephony: Samsung of South Korea and Apple of US. New product launches of Smart phones or/and apps and devices are frequently induced by these two powerful companies.

After a massive and successful launch of Samsung Galaxy note II, and Samsung Galaxy S III, the Samsung, the toughest competitor of Apple, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, had recently revealed its Android powered, 3G-4G enabled, Galaxy Camera with voice control. 

Well, is it a small tablet with a camera attached or a chunky mobile with a camera, or a camera with added mobile connectivity? ... we can now get connected, communicate, converse or collaborate and get social with a SOCIAL DIGITAL CAMERA, which is neither a cell phone nor a tablet PC,

… this is Samsung’s Galaxy series of smart digital camera which has full fledged Google’s Android Jelly Bean, the latest mobile OS for cell phones and tablets with WIFI, 3G, 4G connectivity, but no SIM card socket, no voice calls.

Get ready on the go, as the digital photography will not be the same again. The new device from Samsung resembles a camera in the front and a Smartphone in the back. It aims to give you the fantastic power of digital photography with the great intelligence of the Android Jelly Bean Operating System (OS).

It is one of the most ingenious cameras ever, with cool photographic tools along with the variety of extremely high professional shooting modes, editing functions. Going professional has not ever been this simple and fun all the way on the go.

About Samsung Galaxy Camera

Samsung’s Galaxy digital camera opens a new visual communication vista and changes the epitome in the communication media.

With the increasing growth in social networking and the widespread of smart phones and tablets, people today manage to communicate faster than words. 

Communication becomes more vivid, gigantic, colorful, lively and vital with high quality images and instant sharing anywhere, anytime. Thus, the Samsung Galaxy camera has been created to head the way in this new era of visual communication. 

It is devised to fit the changing ways we communicate, the Galaxy camera blends a high performance photography with latest Android 4.1 platform also known as Jelly Bean and wireless network connectivity, making a recognizable device.

Samsung Galaxy Camera is a perfect fit for the professionals who want to shoot, edit and INSTANTLY share high quality of photographs and videos from anywhere, at anytime on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Picassa, Twitter or an any online social networking web site.

You decide, what you need: A Camera which communicates or a Mobile with a camera? 

The device consists of the features of a regular digital camera with the logical evolution of the camera-phone. The specifications are pretty good. It features Android jelly Bean, 1.4GHz Quad-core processor, a 16- megapixel illuminated sensor,  retractable lens with a 21x optical zoom, a beautifully sharp, rich and clear screen, possesses all the spirits of connectivity you can imagine (3G, 4G and Wi-Fi ), an 8GB of storage plus a slot of micro SD cards.

On top of that, Samsung has added all types of software to edit and share photographs. Also you can tag and organize them into folders on the way and can upload the images or movies to Samsung’s cloud service and share them instantly with the other Samsung devices, including the Galaxy S3 and the new Samsung Note tablet and Note II mobile.

As it comes along with Android OS, you have a plus point to gain a host of Google capabilities and also Google Search, Google Play, Google Plus, YouTube, Google Talk and a lot many more. It also boasts an Auto Cloud Backup’ feature which simply ensures to automatically save your photos into the cloud using Samsung’s AllShare in real time as and when they are being shoot,

It’s really a unique combination of camera, tablet or/and ‘mute phone’ for surfing, with all the distinctive features, although very useful for professionals. It’s certainly an innovative device, one that sets a standard for other manufacturers to reach.

Just my thought, do there is really a need of Android functionality on Camera or why a digital Camera needs an operating system on it?

Well, the above “Why” does not have any specific or a defined definite answer as the device is useful for professionals and for the tech lovers as they always want their hands on the upcoming gadgets. You may love the camera, even though you can’t make a standard voice call from it. 

Better you decide whether you need a camera who communicates but can not make a phone call or rather you need a high end smart mobile who has a high pixel camera, may be front or back and which can make phone calls too : ) 

By Devashree B.


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