Why might a QR code in UK never let the deceased R.I.P. (rest in peace)?

How to get connected with deceased or departed souls via a QR code?

A QR code on a grave stone or a tomb stone is a remarkable idea (by QR memories from UK) to pay the telephonic tribute to your dear departed ones with a click on a Smartphone (i.e. iPhone, Android, Blackberry)! But surely it may create an unnecessary lack of peace for the most pious departed soul from the Earth?!

It is a very natural inclination of every human soul that when someone we love passes away (go for heavenly abode), we always feel to talk about them or rather frame their pictures all around the house in order to keep their memories alive and with us forever.

QR memories app for dead souls
QR memories app 

It’s quite natural whether our loved one is buried or reduced to ashes, we always take a good care over fitting a monument for them. It can be in the form of stone, a tree, pictures or images.

Well, now let this modern and disruptive phone technology help you span some gap of time or distance to your loved one’s resting place, thus permitting everyone (wherever they may be) to come together to share tender memories.

This technology is delighted to present a tool (QR Codes) that allows you to use your smart phone to instantly access an online memorial in respect of your loved one so that you can leave a short message or a virtual flower itself.

About the QR Codes

The self-adhesive coded plates which are custom laser engraved with 2D Barcodes are being placed on the gravestones to allow visitors to know more about the person rest in peace (R.I.P. = Requiescat in pace) there.

These 2D barcodes, when scanned on a Smart Phone, the square codes called as Quick Response Codes or QR codes flashes a website that contains a complete life span or the history of the deceased person, texts and even some videos of him.

These QR codes can be placed into stone memorials on the graves, or on trees, on benches etc. In each case the code is linked directly to the appropriate page of the website containing the history of the deceased person.

The close relatives, loved ones can use the password and can edit, update the website and also can add their comments or memories as time elapses.

Eterna Link made available these, QR Codes are available in stone or in metal and are very hard wearing. They are small in size so that they can be placed wherever wanted and are unnoticeable and do not affect the aesthetics of the monument.

With the help of these QR Codes put up on the grave stone, the visitors to graveyards are able to learn more about the dead person apart from just their name, age and the date of birth.

Working of QR Codes

1.     Create a unique QR Code which links to a page on a particular website.
2.     The QR code is then cut into stone or metal as required, tested and then placed into the memorial.
3.     An individual page is created for the family members are the information is added.
4.   Finally, on scanning the code, the QR takes the user directly to linked page of the website.
5.     The close relatives, knowing the passwords can add their tributes.

In a fast-paced age, this disruptive mobile technology is really a noteworthy way to remember the people who departed us.

With the QR Code tomb technology, we can surely create; preserve the everlasting, cherished memories of our loved ones who are no longer alive physically but are always with us emotionally in our hearts! 

But please, never try to disturb the embarked souls who are on a pious-heavenly abode to the Gods; they may rest in peace always and for ever!

By Devashree B.


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