Kind Attn. ladies: This Purse will Charge your Mobile all the time now!

It’s time to say goodbye to power cords, bulky batteries and special portable containers as Everpurse wishes to charge your smartphones (iPhone) on the go!

…this is for the ladies in board meetings or/and who are bored of keeping all the extra battery pairs or charging wires for their smartphones, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7 ... or any iPhone in coming times ; ) inside their purses or handbags that combat has came to end from hereafter.

A Chicago Entrepreneur has created a way to chuck off the regular charging cables and plugs, instead ride out fashionably while reconstructing your battery’s life with the Everpurse.

Simply drop your Smartphone in the special pocket of your handbag that charges your gadget wirelessly. This way, your phone will always remain charged even after a long day of use at work.

Never let you Smartphone’s battery to expire, Check the real deal out here

A Kickstarter project and an activity for women’s and anyone else who holds purses or a kind of handbags and will certainly love in getting hands on this special clutch.

The Everpurse is a small clutch with zippers that have hands on your Smartphone as well as charges your Smartphone’s battery with an internal battery.

The Everpurse technology goes this way, when at home; you can place your clutch, the Everpurse, on top of the white charging mat to get it charged via a built-in platform inside the purse. When you take it out for the day, you can just drop your Smartphone inside the special pocket that lines up with the phone and will automatically send charge to your mobile.

The Everpurse, a patent pending design, keeps your mobile battery level steady or can acquire more battery as you leave your phone inside the purse.

When you are back to home, just place the purse on the same white charging mat for wireless charging to make it ready for the next day.

It’s a powerful product that includes a continuous surfing of Internet, Facebooking, calling, gaming, sharing images and videos with hours left over your ever charging phone.

With Everpurse in your handbag, you surely are not going to miss a single phone call of may be your Girlfriend/Boyfriend, neither an Instagram picture nor a single Facebook comment on the go!

Something more creative about the Everpurse

At the first glance, the Everpurse appears like a regular clutch which can be carried like a single small purse or also can be kept in a big handbag. As it is the initial stage of developing the design, it comes in fabric or leather material and the charging platform is built inside the purse with a protective cover on it.

… With the emphatic change in today’s technology, we, the common human beings never come to know what the current upcoming are, but surely we are going to get addicted to these serene, addictive, habit forming gadgets and devices.

And now where these 'smart' ladies will carry their smart mobile or iPhone, while in a Board room meeting or on a business trip or for a joy ride?

Well, I think all of the 'smart' ladies wear a Bra or such to support their 'assets', if not the sexy and tech wonder bra, but now you should buy a wonder bra, an another Kickstarter project, it has a pocket inside which could carry your mobile, credit card or even Dollar notes, if you do not want a Everpurse always in hand, just try the best fit for you ; ) do not be shy this technology is completely insane and disruptive now a days!

Stay tuned for more addictive upcoming on the go!

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