Pinger App to make free calls and send free text in Canada and USA

Do you too enjoy freebies like many of us? :) Well, here is one of the best apps for you that allow you to send free SMS and make free calls in Canada and USA.

The Canadians too will now have a cool way to get rid off with their hefty phone bill shock with an app called as Pinger, an app that allows its users to send free SMS and calls to any phone throughout the Canada and United States.

The tech world has been upgraded with various new, intelligent tech apps that help to ease the human life. Communication has gone wild and viral; the world is coming closer and closer with new inventions & evolution.

This new technology, Pinger is a mainstream app on the speedily developing mobile messaging generation.

What really Pinger is?

Pinger is a free calling and texting VoIP app that turns iPad and iPod into cell phones and adds a free phone line to iPhone’s. The Pinger users can text and call for FREE to any phone in U.S. and Canada, including smart phones, land lines and basic mobile phones.

Also it allows the users to call other users for free over Wi-Fi or a cell connection. The users get a local Canadian number from which they can send unlimited free texts to any phone in Canada, U.S. along with more than 35 countries.

…you can buy call minutes for use outside North America.

The new interface is clean and clear, but unfortunately, its ad- supported.

The best thing is Pinger supports iPhone, iPad, iPod touch applications as well as the Android devices.

Call and text for free app Pinger
Call and text for free app Pinger
Connect, Communicate and even send picture messages for FREE all over the globe!

It is free for lifetime, for all your messages all over the globe. Pinger allows calling, texting and now even sending picture messages for FREE worldwide.

Just invite your dear ones, text with them, talk with them as much as you can handle.

Have a look over some features of Pinger:

            . FREE messaging anyone all over the globe.
· You can now get connected with other Pinger users on Android and iOS devices too.
· You can now have a facility of Group Addressing, let your buddies know all in one shot.
· Indefinite numbers of ringtones and message tones.
· Turn your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch into a phone number that delivers unlimited FREE texts and calls with NO hidden costs.
· You can now record and send your personalized voicemail to your friends.
· Pinger is available in over 200 countries.
. No support for 911 like most of the VoIP providers,

…Stay connected to the world with Pinger for FREE!

Call and text you buddies for free, round-the-clock without paying any Canadian Loonies or Dollars! Stay in touch.

Update: Pinger app has been updated now to make free calls or texts in Spain (Espana)

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