Live Gig-Gag Broadcast over Mobiles, iPad; Live Video Stream Broadcast to Facebook

Enjoy a hands-free, Mobile connected video cam to shoot and broadcast live video streams and share them live on Facebook, Twitter and other online social networks!

A wear and Share video camera:

Video watching, YouTube, Vimeo, Video Sharing, Video Conferencing and such are the popular means of disruptive communication technology. Elders and teens equally enjoy clicking and sharing their photos, funny videos with their friends and family members on the social network sites.

Would that be great if you can capture and broadcast the photos or videos anytime, anywhere on mobile devices and share them on Facebook instantly… How to?

Here is an app that makes video sharing much better, easier and also adds life in live video broadcasting (over WIFI, 3G, 4G etc,) that can be directly viewed on the users Facebook page.

Looxcie is a hands-free, mobile-connected, streaming video camera that allows live video streaming and capture. It is designed for real-time sharing the video clips to friends and family members.

The video clips can be saved on the camera and shared via cell phones or they can be uploaded to a personal computer too.

Check the real deal out here

Looxcie, Inc. is the makers of the hands-free “Wear and Share” video camera where you can stream live video to friends anytime from anywhere and also can share video clips instantly on social networks!

The intelligent creators at Looxcie have furnished the users with the live streaming camera abilities to iOS and Android devices using the new “LooxcieLive Mobile app”.

The new app supports for the internal front and back cameras on the very smartphones and tablets, so the users can make a live streaming of photos and videos over their mobile phones or can start a hands-free broadcast with a Looxcie video cam.

Also they have an app for Facebook called as “Looxcie App for Facebook” using that we can view live video broadcasts on the users Facebook page.

Let’s have a brief look over the LooxcieLive Mobile App
Mobile, iPad app to share and broadcast live videos on the go
Mobile, iPad app to share and broadcast live videos on the go
Enjoying some cool moments, but missing your family or friends right there? Never worry, go live…stream, share your videos to anyone, anywhere, anytime on the go!

LooxcieLive is a free mobile app that allows us to share a live video streaming in a real time with our near and dear one’s and our family over 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi networks.

Using this app, users are free to invite one or more friends (including Facebook friends too) or they can also start a public video broadcasting.

While viewing the live video streaming, the users can also interact with each other. If viewers, due to some reasons unable to watch the live broadcast, the LooxcieLive app will record the broadcast in a cloud for the viewers to watch it later.

About the Looxcie App for Facebook

LooxcieLive App had opened a new vision, new experiences for the people to share live video with friends. Also, with a successful step of launching LooxcieLive app for Facebook, it has diversified the streaming revolution, allowing both live and recorded video broadcasts to be shared, explored and watched on the worlds most popular, biggest social network, Facebook.

The process of sharing live videos on Facebook is simple and fun. Users can start a live broadcast from their smart phones or Looxcie video camera and can instantly send it directly to their Facebook page.

For the first time, there is no  need to create Fan Pages or Followers to new pages. Users can enjoy sharing, can view live feeds, and watch videos from friends once the app is installed, everything within Facebook.

Best thing, LooxcieLive now allow its users to sign in with either their email address or Facebook credentials, thus, users can link Looxcie account to Facebook, making easy to invite friends to watch their broadcasts.

… they say, Looxcie’s mission is to make it easy for people to share their life through video.

Capture the unexpected moments and the gigs of the life, share the videos, broadcast them live and allow your friends and family members to join you in the very occasion while it’s happening!

LooxcieLive streaming video broadcasting app is designed for Apple iPhone, iPod touch but it’s now compatible with iPad’s too.

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