Call Argentina phones for free from anywhere + 5 minutes free global calls

LocalPhone from UK is giving away the unlimited free phone calls to landline phones in Argentina for free

The voice phone calls will be absolutely free from 12pm GMT 6th September until 12pm GMT 13th September. This is unlimited free calling promo to Argentine land lines, call as many people as you wish for an unlimited time, but after this promotion when it ends, the phone calls will be charged at the normal rate of 0.7¢ per minute.

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Also you can make free calls for 5 minutes (test calls) to any where in the world, try without using your credit card details etc, no gimmicks, no fine prints, if appeals you than buy a minimum subscription for $1, which has no expiry, just pay as you go,

We recommend that you should try this voice calling service for free and than continue it to make unlimited low cost phone calls, by paying minimum calling credit for $1, this is an excellent proposal and wonderful crystal clear voice with freedom to call from your ANY mobile, land line or tablet on the go! Do not forget this to bookmark and share everywhere.

The free or cheap overseas calls can be made using mobile phones, ANY mobile phone, land line, tablets, iPad, Android etc over WIFI, 3G, 4G or local numbers.

Just give a try you will be amazed and be more than happy.

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cheap international calls, Localphone

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