$25 French Revolution is disrupting mobile calls and data

French fries from McDonalds may not be free for you but the French telephony could be! 

French telco FREE is all set to revolutionized the French telephony and mobile market in a big way like a mini French revolution, it is a price war and enhanced calling and internet data services which are bundled in Free’s free package,

Free French unlimited calls and data package
Free's French telecom and cheap data package

Free.fr has a mobile plan, which you could rarely imagine, they are offering:

- Unlimited talking and international calls including to US, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, unlimited calling to 40+ destinations,
- Unlimited SMS,
- Unlimited MMS, unlimited France,
- Unlimited tethering,
- Unlimited data plan (which will be some what slow down after 3GB data exchange),
- No contract,
- All these and much more for $25 (including sales tax) a month in France by free.fr … you know what this plan could cost you in USA, it could be somewhere $100 or so, (with 2  year contract), a month for a limited data plan (according to TechCrunch

This move of French telecom company free.fr will disrupt the telephony world of France, what it seems, the quality with much reduced price war, what more a consumer needs? 


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