Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Watch YouTube Video

South Korea's Samsung has now the latest version of its big screen (5.5") smart mobile: Galaxy Note II, you the creative guys, can see it is a charm, this is absolutely mind blowing, it has nice features, a smart pencil (S Pen; stylus) to write on a digital screen for wildest of the imagination to capture,  multi tasking, fast chip for a cool browsing experience, most modern Android OS, will you still buy an Apple iPhone 5?

Full details and specs of Samsung Galaxy Note2 Phablet a hybrid of mobile phablet or tablet)


Samasung Galaxy Note tablet 10.1

World's very first Windows mobile phone, very smart!

Samasung Galaxy digital camera which works over WIFI and 3G, 4G networks to share pictures on social networks!

Cheapest International Call Rates to Top 11 Most Expensive places to call to

LocalPhone from UK guys have such fantastic calling rates and call quality with an ease of access to the destinations which are known for the most expensive international calling rates in the world, their service is tested and tried and used by me, they are just amazing, 

1. Try for free 5 minutes call to almost anywhere in the world, without revealing your credit card number etc.,
2. Start with minimum only $1 credit in your balance, no expiry ever, until you actually use it, pay as you go model,
3. Make calls over any mobile phone, land line, tablets, iPad, PC via local numbers or over 3G, 4G or WIFI  networks,
4. No contract, no taxes, no VATs etc., nice call quality, reliable and long term friend for you,

I was browsing Rebtel's blog (a nice mobile VoIP providers from Sweden), now see what Rebtel blog says about the most expensive calling countries:

Ses LocalPhone calling rates in action in a YouTube video:

See  LocalPhone's cheapest calling rates and compare with Verizon, Sprint etc, and than you are the best judge,

Per Minute rates:
1. Call North Korea for 89¢ with Localphone ($2.49 Verizon/$2.49 Sprint),
2. Call Madagascar for 38¢ with Localphone ($2.38 Verizon/ $2.29 Sprint),
3. Call Comoros for 40¢ with Localphone ($2.07 Verizon/$2.07 Sprint),
4. Call Chad from 15.4¢ with Localphone ($1.99 Verizon/ $2.11 Sprint),
5. Call Guinea-Bissau from 32¢ with Localphone ($1.85 Verizon/ $1.82 Sprint)
6. Call Laos for 4.9¢ with Localphone ($1.52 Verizon/ $1.49 Sprint)

7. Call Vanuatu for 47¢ with Localphone ($1.49 Verizon/$1.49 Sprint)

8. Call Tuvalu for 50¢ with Localphone ($1.49 Verizon/$1.49 Sprint)

9. Call Nauru for 89¢ with Localphone ($1.49 Verizon/$1.38 Sprint)

10. Call Cuba for 89¢ with Localphone (Verizon $1.19/ $1.19 Sprint)

11. Call Niue for 59¢ with Localphone

Cheap international calls with Localphone

Why people use highly expensive calls to make overseas calling (lack of information or knowledge)?  when Localphone is there and our blog is here to suggest the best things in the life, you deserve, just for you, just bookmark, subscribe for free, share us everywhere and spread the world to become the best and a valuable community on the Earth.

Free Calling to Israel Land line Phone Numbers this Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur (the day of atonement is the holiest day of the year for the Jewish people) is here again and this time you can make unlimited free calls to land line phones in Israel from anywhere in the world on this occasion, courtesy LocalPhone from UK,

The Jews pray in the Synagogue on Yom Kippur
Image Courtesy: 
Call your loved and near, dear ones who are in Israel and all for free to their land line numbers, from any where in the world, this Yom Kippur over ANY mobile phone, land line, tablet PC on 3G, 4G, WIFI, Local number, internet phone or such, no hidden things, honest and good things, on the go dialing, even try 5 minutes call to anywhere in the world over land line, mobile, tablets Android or Apple iPad etc,
free calls, Israel

LocalPhone is honest, they give what they say, no fine prints, no monthly subscription, no taxes, just try free to anywhere, try free unlimited for 1 week to Israel, after that buy minimum $1 credit, use it to call, it is pay as you go , with no expiry period ever, just consume it fully, what to say more, if you really like the call quality, pay rates, freebies and ease of access, just share and spread the word to yours and to social networks, it is really great!

 Cheap international calls with Localphone


Yemen to Palestine, Free Phone Calling

Live Gig-Gag Broadcast over Mobiles, iPad; Live Video Stream Broadcast to Facebook

Enjoy a hands-free, Mobile connected video cam to shoot and broadcast live video streams and share them live on Facebook, Twitter and other online social networks!

A wear and Share video camera:

Video watching, YouTube, Vimeo, Video Sharing, Video Conferencing and such are the popular means of disruptive communication technology. Elders and teens equally enjoy clicking and sharing their photos, funny videos with their friends and family members on the social network sites.

Would that be great if you can capture and broadcast the photos or videos anytime, anywhere on mobile devices and share them on Facebook instantly… How to?

Here is an app that makes video sharing much better, easier and also adds life in live video broadcasting (over WIFI, 3G, 4G etc,) that can be directly viewed on the users Facebook page.

Looxcie is a hands-free, mobile-connected, streaming video camera that allows live video streaming and capture. It is designed for real-time sharing the video clips to friends and family members.

The video clips can be saved on the camera and shared via cell phones or they can be uploaded to a personal computer too.

Check the real deal out here

Looxcie, Inc. is the makers of the hands-free “Wear and Share” video camera where you can stream live video to friends anytime from anywhere and also can share video clips instantly on social networks!

The intelligent creators at Looxcie have furnished the users with the live streaming camera abilities to iOS and Android devices using the new “LooxcieLive Mobile app”.

The new app supports for the internal front and back cameras on the very smartphones and tablets, so the users can make a live streaming of photos and videos over their mobile phones or can start a hands-free broadcast with a Looxcie video cam.

Also they have an app for Facebook called as “Looxcie App for Facebook” using that we can view live video broadcasts on the users Facebook page.

Let’s have a brief look over the LooxcieLive Mobile App
Mobile, iPad app to share and broadcast live videos on the go
Mobile, iPad app to share and broadcast live videos on the go
Enjoying some cool moments, but missing your family or friends right there? Never worry, go live…stream, share your videos to anyone, anywhere, anytime on the go!

LooxcieLive is a free mobile app that allows us to share a live video streaming in a real time with our near and dear one’s and our family over 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi networks.

Using this app, users are free to invite one or more friends (including Facebook friends too) or they can also start a public video broadcasting.

While viewing the live video streaming, the users can also interact with each other. If viewers, due to some reasons unable to watch the live broadcast, the LooxcieLive app will record the broadcast in a cloud for the viewers to watch it later.

About the Looxcie App for Facebook

LooxcieLive App had opened a new vision, new experiences for the people to share live video with friends. Also, with a successful step of launching LooxcieLive app for Facebook, it has diversified the streaming revolution, allowing both live and recorded video broadcasts to be shared, explored and watched on the worlds most popular, biggest social network, Facebook.

The process of sharing live videos on Facebook is simple and fun. Users can start a live broadcast from their smart phones or Looxcie video camera and can instantly send it directly to their Facebook page.

For the first time, there is no  need to create Fan Pages or Followers to new pages. Users can enjoy sharing, can view live feeds, and watch videos from friends once the app is installed, everything within Facebook.

Best thing, LooxcieLive now allow its users to sign in with either their email address or Facebook credentials, thus, users can link Looxcie account to Facebook, making easy to invite friends to watch their broadcasts.

… they say, Looxcie’s mission is to make it easy for people to share their life through video.

Capture the unexpected moments and the gigs of the life, share the videos, broadcast them live and allow your friends and family members to join you in the very occasion while it’s happening!

LooxcieLive streaming video broadcasting app is designed for Apple iPhone, iPod touch but it’s now compatible with iPad’s too.

Why there is NO dial-tone in a cell phone? Ever thought?

Isn't that an interesting question? Did you ever thought that why do our mobile phones; the very techie smart phones, iPhones, iPads or Android, Windows phones, tablets do not have a dial-tone? :)

… We are living in an era where the dial tone is obsolete now and Ring Tone has predominantly present all along : ) But why and how phones could live without the dial-tone?

Well, let’s charge our brain and try to think the answer for the above question, can I share with you just my thoughts?

As we see, the sci-fi world around us is exploring with new heights and new visions. Ground breaking improvements have taken place in the recent technology stream leaving behind the traditional formats.

There is enormous progress in the tech world from mobile phones to smart phones, tablets, phablet (phone cum tablet PC), iPhone’s, iPad’s, iPod Touch etc… that had made human life easier than ever before.

It is likely to be seemed as these gadgets and gizmos have a strong hold on the future generation. The youngsters and teens always want to get their hands on the new, innovative inventions and are more used to with all the gadgets.

Mobile phone plays an important role in communication or interacting with our near and dear ones’ who are staying miles away from us. With the change in modes and means, communication has gone viral!

When Alexandra Graham Bell (historic sentence: "Mr. Watson come here, I want to see you") invented telephone, we, the common people felt joyful that we can now stay in touch with others by phone. But who knows, that the mobile revolution will touch new heights and parallels change meaning of communication?
Alexandra Graham Bell's early model of telephone
Image courtesy:
Currently there is rip-snorting growth in the field of disruptive telephony. Various smart phones; android, blackberry, Nokia, HTC, Apple, Samsung, the giants of the mobile telephony world had encountered with several new futuristic mobile phones, not only to make voice calls, but also for chatting, texting, mobile video conferencing, surfing Internet and to lot more apps downloaded on it.

Do you think these giants are reeling in a mad rat’s race, with no motive and just want to grab the top most coveted #1 position?

Well, the world is leading surprisingly towards the new era of telecommunication. Life has become more comfortable. 

The masterminds all over the globe are providing us with top-notch gadgets that contribute in easiness of life.

Why can’t we hear a dial-tone in our cell phones but hear it on our landline phones?

FYI (for the records; from the annals of history & archives):

When one of the the most 'raw or the most early version of telephone or system was invented, a ' human phone operator' would have to reply or rather assist manually, when any caller picks up the phone to initiate a phone call. 

Later the human phone operators were got replaced by an automated calling system, than a tone was automatically generated (dial tone to denote that the telephone system or phone line is live, ok and perfect to dial a call) which substituted the human operators' voice, the caller has to pick up the phone receiver, go-off hook and each numerical number or the digit was transmitted as it was dialed

No matter, means and modes of communication have changed painstakingly; the traditional dialers are still being used in rural and urban areas.

We can hear a loud dial-tone over these fixed phone dialers as the telephone is connected physically to a telephone exchange by pair of wires from the customer’s house or work place.

To make a call customer need to pick up the receiver and dial a number. A dial-tone is generated to let the customer know that the system is working properly and a call could be dialed. It was then the customer dials a phone number and each digit is transmitted as it was dialed and the call is connected.

In a modern mobile communication, the cell phones are not connected physically to any of the mobile exchange. They allow entering the number while dialing, the digits are stored as they are entered and the call is connected when the subscribers press a “CALL” button.

Thus technically the cell phones or mobiles never got 'dead' (without a dial tone) as they already do not have a dial tone, they are having wireless connectivity always to the telecom networks and they only would be technically 'dead' if there is NO wireless signal, but the land line phones still could always be dead if the dial tone is not presence in it, for any reasons like faulty lines or broken wires etc, 

Thus, the secret is unfolded, we could never hear a dial-tone prior to making a mobile call or while picking up the cell phone like any land line phone!

Life is being extravagantly evolving with the daily new disruptions and introductions in the world of telephony or science and technology. Everything has become like a couch potato and could be done with one click of your finger.

… But certainly, time for self; that mental peace and that health have lost somewhere in the ‘digital or electronic cloud’ with the ease of access?! What do you think?

Written by Devashree B., exclusively for this blog. 

If you really liked this post kindly share and spread the word, book mark or subscribe us for daily telephony updates : )

Glance for a quick reference:

Pinger App to make free calls and send free text in Canada and USA

Do you too enjoy freebies like many of us? :) Well, here is one of the best apps for you that allow you to send free SMS and make free calls in Canada and USA.

The Canadians too will now have a cool way to get rid off with their hefty phone bill shock with an app called as Pinger, an app that allows its users to send free SMS and calls to any phone throughout the Canada and United States.

The tech world has been upgraded with various new, intelligent tech apps that help to ease the human life. Communication has gone wild and viral; the world is coming closer and closer with new inventions & evolution.

This new technology, Pinger is a mainstream app on the speedily developing mobile messaging generation.

What really Pinger is?

Pinger is a free calling and texting VoIP app that turns iPad and iPod into cell phones and adds a free phone line to iPhone’s. The Pinger users can text and call for FREE to any phone in U.S. and Canada, including smart phones, land lines and basic mobile phones.

Also it allows the users to call other users for free over Wi-Fi or a cell connection. The users get a local Canadian number from which they can send unlimited free texts to any phone in Canada, U.S. along with more than 35 countries.

…you can buy call minutes for use outside North America.

The new interface is clean and clear, but unfortunately, its ad- supported.

The best thing is Pinger supports iPhone, iPad, iPod touch applications as well as the Android devices.

Call and text for free app Pinger
Call and text for free app Pinger
Connect, Communicate and even send picture messages for FREE all over the globe!

It is free for lifetime, for all your messages all over the globe. Pinger allows calling, texting and now even sending picture messages for FREE worldwide.

Just invite your dear ones, text with them, talk with them as much as you can handle.

Have a look over some features of Pinger:

            . FREE messaging anyone all over the globe.
· You can now get connected with other Pinger users on Android and iOS devices too.
· You can now have a facility of Group Addressing, let your buddies know all in one shot.
· Indefinite numbers of ringtones and message tones.
· Turn your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch into a phone number that delivers unlimited FREE texts and calls with NO hidden costs.
· You can now record and send your personalized voicemail to your friends.
· Pinger is available in over 200 countries.
. No support for 911 like most of the VoIP providers,

…Stay connected to the world with Pinger for FREE!

Call and text you buddies for free, round-the-clock without paying any Canadian Loonies or Dollars! Stay in touch.

Update: Pinger app has been updated now to make free calls or texts in Spain (Espana)

T-Mobile's Clever-Connect VoIP in UK; like Bobsled VoIP free calling in US

With the advancement in the field of telecommunication, video calling, mobile telephony, VoIP etc. the telephony too has evolving as the disruptive telephony in the recent years, the communication with our near and dear ones, specially who are abroad has become a lot easier, painless, quicker and cheaper or free than ever before.

Well, keeping in touch with our family and friends abroad is important, but it’s quite expensive to have a long chat with them. Thus, to enjoy the unlimited FREE communication, UK’s (Europe) T-Mobile, offers a VoIP service app called Clever-Connect.

We know that previously, T-Mobile has successfully launched Bobsled service, a VoIP communication platform that permitted their smart phone users to make free calls in the US and also to call their Facebook friends from their cell phones.

They have expanded something same of VoIP calling that allows to make a FREE calls to any mobile or landline number in the US, Canada or Puerto Rico from anywhere in the world through the desktop browser.

T-Mobile VoIP in UK-Clever Connect to make free calls like Bobsled in USA
T-Mobile VoIP in UK-Clever Connect to make free calls like Bobsled in USA
T-Mobile’s Clever-Connect app for UK guys to make free VoIP calls, what is it?

For those who are really interested in mobile VoIP, this app is worth considering.

T-Mobile Clever-Connect VoIP app has been developed by Danish Mobile VoIP communications company Vopium.

The app allows you the best, universal way to stay in touch with your friends and family for FREE when connected to the web.

…It can be used over Wi-Fi or 3G and also with other VoIP services to make FREE calls; the only condition is both the end users have the app downloaded (similar like of Skype).

Working of T-Mobile’s Clever-Connect

T-Mobile, has effectively gained popularity in becoming a powerful provider of free internet phone calls and texts. Clever-Connect is trying to stepped ahead of Skype, LocalPhone, Fring, Viber, Tango and Rebtel etc. in providing a free VoIP calls and text to those who download the app.

The App uses mobile VoIP technology over Wi-Fi and 3G to make the calls. If you have signed up to the T-Mobile’s CleverConnect trial or if one of your friends invited you to join, then you can make FREE calls to one another.

Start making calls with few simple steps:

·           · Sign up for T-Mobile Clever-Connect Trial,
· Download the app for FREE,
· Sign in your account with your phone number and password (Already received after downloading the app),
· Connect with you near and dear one’s for free! Make a call on the go for FREE!
. The app is available on Android and iOS platform too. Call anyone over Clever-Connect      VoIP app to app for making FREE calls!

Download this VoIP app in UK from T-Mobile and stay in touch with your buddies from anywhere to everywhere on the go for free!

-A story produced by Devashree B., exclusively for


Make Unlimited Free Calls to Peruvian Land line Phones

Localphone is always quick & honest to provide unlimited free phone calls to a country on a weekly basis, now this is the turn for Republic of PERU or simply known as Peru in South America,

If you have someone in Peru than you can make an unlimited free calls to them on their Peru land line numbers, using your ANY mobile, land line or an Apple iPad or Android etc tablet, using WIFI, 3G or their local numbers technology,

Even you can try a 5 minutes free calls to anywhere in the world for free, no obligation, nothing to reveal like a credit card or so,

If you like their service, just buy credit, which comes minimum for $1 with no expiry ever, just pay as you go, this is something you would surely love, no gimmicks, no sale tax, no contract, just pay $1, use it and than go ahead, if you like and so on,

free calls, Peru

cheap international calls, Localphone

Make VoIP and Facetime free video calls on Apple iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPod Touch generation 5

By the way new iOS 6 ready Apple iPhone 5 (4G-LTE) has been in the market now with iPod Touch generation 5 and iPad 3 you can use them to make free unlimited facetime video calls and/or free or cheap VoIP calls, using Local phone technology to make free or low cost overseas calls over WIFI, 3G, 4G or local numbers, just give a try, even there are apps to use on Android, Apple iOS devices, give a free try than buy minimum $1 credit and go ahead,

10% bonus credit, cheap international calls, Localphone

iphone, app, cheap international calls, localphoneandroid, app, cheap international calls, localphone

Kind Attn. ladies: This Purse will Charge your Mobile all the time now!

It’s time to say goodbye to power cords, bulky batteries and special portable containers as Everpurse wishes to charge your smartphones (iPhone) on the go!

…this is for the ladies in board meetings or/and who are bored of keeping all the extra battery pairs or charging wires for their smartphones, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7 ... or any iPhone in coming times ; ) inside their purses or handbags that combat has came to end from hereafter.

A Chicago Entrepreneur has created a way to chuck off the regular charging cables and plugs, instead ride out fashionably while reconstructing your battery’s life with the Everpurse.

Simply drop your Smartphone in the special pocket of your handbag that charges your gadget wirelessly. This way, your phone will always remain charged even after a long day of use at work.

Never let you Smartphone’s battery to expire, Check the real deal out here

A Kickstarter project and an activity for women’s and anyone else who holds purses or a kind of handbags and will certainly love in getting hands on this special clutch.

The Everpurse is a small clutch with zippers that have hands on your Smartphone as well as charges your Smartphone’s battery with an internal battery.

The Everpurse technology goes this way, when at home; you can place your clutch, the Everpurse, on top of the white charging mat to get it charged via a built-in platform inside the purse. When you take it out for the day, you can just drop your Smartphone inside the special pocket that lines up with the phone and will automatically send charge to your mobile.

The Everpurse, a patent pending design, keeps your mobile battery level steady or can acquire more battery as you leave your phone inside the purse.

When you are back to home, just place the purse on the same white charging mat for wireless charging to make it ready for the next day.

It’s a powerful product that includes a continuous surfing of Internet, Facebooking, calling, gaming, sharing images and videos with hours left over your ever charging phone.

With Everpurse in your handbag, you surely are not going to miss a single phone call of may be your Girlfriend/Boyfriend, neither an Instagram picture nor a single Facebook comment on the go!

Something more creative about the Everpurse

At the first glance, the Everpurse appears like a regular clutch which can be carried like a single small purse or also can be kept in a big handbag. As it is the initial stage of developing the design, it comes in fabric or leather material and the charging platform is built inside the purse with a protective cover on it.

… With the emphatic change in today’s technology, we, the common human beings never come to know what the current upcoming are, but surely we are going to get addicted to these serene, addictive, habit forming gadgets and devices.

And now where these 'smart' ladies will carry their smart mobile or iPhone, while in a Board room meeting or on a business trip or for a joy ride?

Well, I think all of the 'smart' ladies wear a Bra or such to support their 'assets', if not the sexy and tech wonder bra, but now you should buy a wonder bra, an another Kickstarter project, it has a pocket inside which could carry your mobile, credit card or even Dollar notes, if you do not want a Everpurse always in hand, just try the best fit for you ; ) do not be shy this technology is completely insane and disruptive now a days!

Stay tuned for more addictive upcoming on the go!

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