Use mobile's camera to track a TV by Vobile-TVSync technology

Vobile's TVSync VDNA fingerprinting technology is smart enough to sync, identify and track your TV sets to track all of the info of the program-in-the-air using your cell phones, iPad, Android mobile or tablets!

Watching TV can be more than something, fun when you can sync your TV with your cell phones and tablets PC and can get all the info of the program running on it, 

Content, Image, Video, Audio Recognition and Tracking technology on TV via smart cell phones and tablets

Vobile's TVSync can easily sync TV on a mobile and can recognize the audio, video, image or content in the air, when you seek some extra information of the program going on your TV, just wave your cell phone towards its screen and hold it like shooting a photograph over your mobile's camera, and you will get some more info of that program running on the TV at that moment, 

With TV Sync you can also connect and communicate or interact with movies, sports or LIVE TV shows-in-the-air, currently on the very broadcast,

Vobile TVSync video-audio-image-content recognition via mobile camera

What is TVSync technology which understands, reads or recognizes, TV images, content, video, audio using a mobile-sync with TV?

TVSync is an identification technology, an API platform (for Apple iOS, Google's Android) which can read and understand the TV content via mobile phone syncing, this unique TV-Mobile wedding or technology is very useful for TV publishers, content owners and providers, advertisers, in infotainment and e-commerce!

TV-cell phone image recognition technology using cell phones
Sample Code: TV - Mobile image recognition technology using cell phones

What they say:
"TVSync's technology revolutionizes your ability to reach audiences with extra content without the need for secondary apps. TVSync is already being integrated into the core chips in all SmartTV's from one of the largest TV manufacturers in the world. Use TVSync to outdo your competition by allowing customers to interact with your content directly via their TVs."

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