How to translate Text-in-images, using mobile camera via Google Translate?

Google's translation app (a free online language translation app which translate texts between 64 languages) for Android devices has a new feature which can read, recognize and translate the text-in-images (images of text) using your Android cell phone or tablets or Android gadgets' camera, 

Optical character recognition, use Google Translation app for Android

Google translate android app, translates in-images text too
Google translate android app, translates in-images text too
The latest feature in Google translation app using mobile phone camera brings in-picture, text translation for you, use the camera of your Android device or phone, take a picture of the menu which is in a foreign language, and Google app will bring the translation of the text into their own tongue : ) 

It all needs Android 2.3 or a higher version, after translation, use your finger to rub or brush and read the translation, 

Google already had added this functionality into its Goggles app, which is again an image recognition app of Google,

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