Happy Birthday Skype; the VoIP King, You are Nine!!!

August 29 is the official birth date of biggest VoIP provider to the world, we know as Skype, free, cheap, easy, reliable ... can be used from web, mobiles or tablets ... Happy Birthday Skype,

We have now evolved to an era of VoIP, mobile video calling, group video calling and disruptive telephony and much ahead since the invention of basic telephone by Alexander Graham Bell, than the very first cellular phone was devised in 1973 by Motorola, the generations have gone a long way to achieve the growth in telephony which is rapid now, with the advent of apps (applications) and latest innovations like Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy series and Android tablets, it has rather become a fashion or a war between the giants or corporate-s to capture the telephony virgin market shares, 

Well, see how Skype trotted a journey from its toddler hood to a kid in 9 years of its birth in an info-graphic timeline provided by Skype.com:


Skype VoIP timeline in an info-graphic
Skype VoIP timeline in an info-graphic
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