Samsung Ativ S is very first Windows Phone 8

... Before the official Microsoft's partner, the Nokia, this it is South Korean giant Samsung which is going to give a birth to the very first in the world, Windows Phone 8 smart mobile, would be known as Samsung Ativ S, this is a launch when even Samsung have lost the legal battle against Apple Inc. in the US for patents and copyright issues,

Ativ S would have 4.8 inch super AMOLED screen, NFC (near field communication system the wireless technology in mobiles to exchange the info or communication), 

Samsung Ativ S; First Windows Phone 8
Samsung Ativ S; First Windows Phone 8

The guys who want to get rid or get out from the Apple iOS or Google's Android, could found a great choice in Samsung's Windows Phone 8 operating system smart mobile after its Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet and Samsung Galaxy series of smart-smart phones!

FYI: Samsung also launched its coveted Samsung Galaxy Note II smart cell phone (or a hybrid of phone / tablet: 'phablet'), 5.5" (after Samsung Galaxy Note mobile and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet) with Android powered Jelly Bean OS and also the Android-powered and voice-controlled Samsung Galaxy Camera, they also launched their Windows RT tablet PC.


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