How to impregnate anyone using a mobile app?

How to get pregnant your girlfriend or wife in less than 9 seconds (digitally) by Knocked app over iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, a complete app for Dummies ; )

Here is a fun and entertainment app for iOS devices, worth downloading and playing with your friends or even with foes : ) You can make ANYONE (even to a male or female, aged or anyone) pregnant using your Apple Ios device like iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, this is a fun app and do not need any bad or sexual motive or intention behind it, it is safe to play with,

Baby bump app makes anyone looks like pregnant lady, just click a photo of any person, press few buttons of your smart call phone, using this app and voila he/she will look 9 month pregnant, some people says that this is an irresponsible app … as it may conceive anyone in few seconds by pressing some buttons of the phone, without touching a female ; ) all things digital : )

Get pregnant app and show to world on Facebook app
Get pregnant, a photo fun app for Apple iOS
People are having photo fun with their friends and family by getting their pictures as a pregnant lady and uploading them to the Facebook, Pinterest, Picassa or Twitter etc. social sharing networks, you too have fun, enjoy… sorry teens this is just a ‘controversial’ entertainment photo app, no sexual abuse, do not be serious, just chill : )

... and after getting someone digitally pregnant do not forget to 'design' your future child which resembles you, that is too digitally and have another stream of fun, no need to be an expert in human genome or genetics now ...


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