Be a 'Crop Circle' for any Web page, bomb & destroy it legally in seconds

A web programming Fontbomb made of CSS, HTML5 and Java script can destroy and blow away any, any web page, fonts, web site or web property in seconds to the rubble : ) it is a fun 'game' for any one, no need to be high tech or programming literate, just be an internet user, 

Ruin any web page-s with Font Bomber, a programming wonder of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, this is like the Dynamite for internet web pages and Fonts

This is not ethical or un-ethical hacking as such, but we can say, may be a fun programming game or 'laymen's hacking which de-face any web pages, without destroy them actually' : )

Make 'Crop Circles' styled mysterious 'fields' on any web page, bomb the fonts, anywhere, any location on any web site, blow away Yahoo, Google, Wiki or whatever you want, download the browser plugin and use this web blast app 3,2,1 ... blast ...

Facebomb, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript game to destroy fonts on any page for fun
HTML5, CSS, JavaScript Game left large Crop Circles on our Telephoon Blog
Blast a web page, take a screen shot, share on FB, Twitter, Google+, play prank or have a fun, try this on very FontBomb website without downloading any plugins etc, just click your mouse on any where on this page and 3,2,1 it will blow away the fonts on this web page in your browser,a HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript wonder,

Google loves web browser games too either via Doodles or via Google Search

You know, the search giant, Google also loves these type of internet programming browser games like Zerg Rush and Let it snow etc. exclusively designed for Google search users, also time to time Google Doodles have crazy interactive gaming session for its worldwide users, Google loves smiles and humours like any human : )

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