Google's I'm Feeling Lucky button has now 8 more charms, what, why and how? the search engine, sometime wants to play games, tricks, doodles and such human sentiment soaked things with its global audience, we know, it want to be more sentimental, feelings full and meaning full with us, that's great of Google : ) 

Did you ever noticed that there is a rather 'useless' (I'm sorry Google, do not want to hurt your sentiments, just explaining a hard fact or truth) type of a button on home page, which says: I'M FEELING LUCKY ...

Why I'm feeling lucky by Google? What it means, why it is on Google, what it do, what it costs to Google? Why Google feels lucky with this button on its prime home page?

What is meant by Google's I'm feeling lucky button?
Google's I'm feeling Lucky button has now 8 more options to get more luck!

Did you ever used it? Well, this button is a button on the Google home page since its very inception, but rarely people like us use it, previously when we make a search for some keywords or a long tail key word, on Google and press this I'm feeling button, it took us away straight to the very FIRST result website popped on the search page, as of our search query,  and we felt 'lucky' .. what we searched, what we got : ) that is it ...

After some time, my little son Kartik Kumar noticed that this button now do not takes us to first search results but when we pressed it without searching any thing it takes us on a Google Doodle's page ...

But this all costs much to Google itself, in terms of money, as people go directly to the desired website by-passing the Google Adsense ads which is a PRIME source of Google's revenue generation, but still Google use this button, can't say why Google loves, I'm feeling lucky button : ) or what is the secret or coding behind, may be Google's creator Sergey Brin or Larry Page might have some sentiments linked with this very button : ) 

Internet search for the reason for putting this button, return me as: 
So why does Google keep such a costly button around? 
"It's possible to become too dry, too corporate, too much about making money. I think what's delightful about 'I'm Feeling Lucky' is that it reminds you there are real people here," Google exec Marissa Mayer (at that time) explained, or at least tried to.
Anyways, Google feels more lucky now by 8 fold, as it has added 8 more search pages to lead you land directly on that search terms, they are as: 

1. I'm feeling Artistic - leads to a random search page for Google art project,
2. I'm feeling Doodly - leads to a random search page for Google Doodle,
3. I'm feeling Hungry - takes to a random search page for some restaurants,
4. I'm feeling Playful - takes to a random search page for playful interactive Google doodles,
5. I'm feeling Puzzled - takes to Google-a-day,
6. I'm feeling Stellar - takes directly to Google Earth,
7. I'm feeling Trendy - takes to a Google hot trends of searches going on,
8. I'm feeling Wonderful - takes to a random project for World wonders

Please note this Google new I'm feeling lucky button is only visible (till date) on and not on country specific domains like etc.

If you want to check it out, than visit or not your country specific Google search domain or page. May be you too feel lucky like Google feels with the button: I'm feeling lucky : )  


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