How to send unlimited voice messages for free via email?

Hmm ... you know, sometime it is much comfortable or rather a need for your contacts to receive voice messages rather than voice calls, so they may any time later could retrieve them, hear, and may reply, if needed,

Here Voicegem is a site, using its free services one can send unlimited and free voice messages to their contacts anywhere in the world, the free voice messaging could be done over internet using PC, tablets like iPad or a smart phones like Apple iPhone or even using iPod Touch!

You can free record a voice email message, just to register your email ID only once, than login your account and send free voice emails! 

send unlimited free voice messages on email over cell phones or internet
Blast unlimited free voice messages on email over mobile phones, iPad or internet
You may also broadcast or blast a single voice message to your many contacts using their email ID, all for free : )

The voice emails or messages could be shared with any one using a public web link or an email, provided by the site for free, it is very easy to use and a nice comfortable free service, and it works too : )

Send free voice mails, voice e-greetings or any personalized voice things, just feel good : ) and yes your voice messages can cross international physical boundaries of the nations or the time zones and you may have never worry now for the voice communications and international time zones

Download voice messaging free app for Apple iOS: Download

They are right to pronounce, it is as a simplest way to send your voice via messaging which transgresses international time zones!


Send Text Messages from a Land line in US, Canada, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Island

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