Feel or send kisses to an actual guy, over USB-internet, in real-time

What a kiss means for you? Love, feelings, passion and human emotions?!

We wish you a happy friendship day!

Now here is a smooch messaging for you : ) communicate by the feel of a real human kiss, use this any time and on Valentine’s Day, Friendship day, Mother’s, Father’s day etc.

… not talking of, a flying kiss, but a actual digital kiss by a real human in real-time by the way of a USB gadget and the internet, this is a disruptive kissing of our digital age : )

send or feel actual kiss via USB and internet
Send or feel actual kisses via USB and internet

Tele-presence, telecommuting and robots are the new age mantras which are ruling our lives, everywhere the machine, gadgets, internet WIFI, 3G, cell phones, iPad, tablets, laptops, PCs and all such these digitally crafted Avatars are taking our life, each moment,

Human feelings are always first and should be first for us, so kiss your love, if they are away at a long distance than use these digital gadgets and sir your kiss,

How to kiss virtually you love, in real time, using technology?

KISSENGER is a WIRELESS kiss messenger app, which is basically a USB digital toy or resembles like a 'face', you should have a pair of such Kissenger, or ask your love to have one for him, now take a kiss on the silicone made lips of this digital gadgets, (first it should be connected to the internet via its USB on the both ends),

… your kiss would be converted into the digital packets or internet signals and will be transmitted to your love on the other end of the world anywhere, via internet, location, distance and time zone does not matter here and your love will feel the rhythm, love, passion and vibration of your actual kiss in the real-time when he/she will also keep the lips of this toy on his/her cheek, lips or where ever he/she may want to feel your kiss,

Kiss messaging in real time over internet with USB gadget
Kiss messaging in real time over internet with USB gadget

Make long distance smooch with real humans in real-time

Kissinger kiss gadget is actually kiss + messenger, it is the brainwork of Singapore based LOVOTICS, this device has a pair of soft, pressure sensitive, silicone or plastic lips, in the size of a big Easter egg.

The virtual lips have pressure sensors attached to them to send or feel the electronic kiss & shape of lips wirelessly or human less, they just transmitted by the way of internet, in fact this is really a very sexy way to communicate or may be rather touching way to interact with your partner on the other end of the world : )

Lovely non-verbal human communication concept, cool brainwork which connects human emotions using actual kiss in a real time via internet and gadgets, unbelievable but true!


Some Japanese guys have already devised an another gadget (robotic tongue) which stimulates the tongue kiss : ) My God!!





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