Turn iPod Touch into an iPhone with free 4G wireless net connectivity: FreedomPop

A company name FreedomPop has an Apple iPod, iPhone cover, case, cradle, sleeve or whatever you may want to name it (Freedom Sleeve for $99) to sell which promises to turn your Apple iPod Touch into an iPhone, fully functional to let you make streaming music or VoIP free or cheap calls, do FB, go social, play apps etc., and with all these you get 4G fast wireless internet data connection (limited) in the USA for free each month on the Go (Clear wire’s WiMax and 4G-LTE providers’),

What you will get for $99 ?

• Get a free wireless 4G fast internet connection (not unlimited) on the Go,
• A Freedom Sleeve for Apple iPod Touch which will ensure to convert an iPod into an iPhone with 4G wireless data connection anywhere,
• You would be able to stream your videos and music anywhere, play games or apps on the Go,
• You can use video calls to connect over Skype, Viber, Apple FaceTime or so (but check your free data limit too),
• Your Apple iPod will be a hotspot -  you can use FREE wifi (NOT unlimited) for 8 devices
• If not satisfied, than get a full refund for devices returned within 90 days 

Turn iPod into iPhone and private secured hotspot; get free 4G-LTE
Turn iPod into iPhone and private hot spot, get free 4G-LTE
What are basic Freedom Service

• You will get up to 1GB of FREE 4G wireless broadband internet for iPod Touch
• Which includes, 500MB of guaranteed FREE 4G wireless broadband & hot spot each month
• You also could get some additional MB's for each friend you add
• You can purchase an additional capacity for $10 a GB
• You have not to worry of any contract, any commitment, you are free to cancel anytime!

They say that they are coming to Sprint’s Nextel 4G-LTE too, very soon : ) Wait for the thunder!

Niklas Zennstorm the co-founder of Skype has got some terrific plans in his creative brain and was planning a new venture that has motive to bring FREE broadband communication channels to all in the Americas.

His new venture FreedomPop is supported by his venture capital company Atomico and has signed up a deal with LightSquared, which is recently building a nationwide 4G-LTE fast network incorporated with satellite coverage that will be wholesale only.

The company is now all set to hit the tech market, with an ultimate, quality goal to ensure that every American citizen can get FREE, fast, easy and convenient access to communication service that is completely based on the LightSquared network.

The main motto of the company is "Internet is a right, not a privilege”

This is a kickstarter project

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