Lexifone: converse with people, who don't know your language!

Lexifone, from Israel (it seems Israel has become the land of mobile innovations, VoIP and apps etc. now) the telephony app, seamlessly automate your phone calls; interprets them and instantly translates them while you are on a call in real-time, so you can make voice calls over phones to the people, anywhere in the world, who even do not know or speak your language : ) 

Lexifone is a telephony wonder app of our times : ) no doubt, it is a two-way voice telephony translation service, no languages bar now, works over any phone, land line, VoIP, cell phone, old or smart one, no internet, WIFI, 3G, EDGE, GPRS needed, just call the Lexifone service, and speak in your own language, this linguistic expert app or voice translation solution will smartly and seamlessly connect you the other guy who do not know your language or speak your language, 

Voice translation app for mobiles and VoIP calling
Voice Translator for phones and VoIP calls
So just pick up your phone, start speaking Chinese, Spanish, French, Latin or Greek and the people on the other end of your phone call will never complaint that what you are talking, they are not getting : ) mind blowing,

First you have to buy some credits to use this real-time, instant and automated voice call translation service over any phones or VoIP, 

Features and specialties of Lexifone voice translation service:

Voice translation; computational linguistics, speech recognition etc.

Lexifone videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/Lexifone


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