Samsung Ativ S is very first Windows Phone 8

... Before the official Microsoft's partner, the Nokia, this it is South Korean giant Samsung which is going to give a birth to the very first in the world, Windows Phone 8 smart mobile, would be known as Samsung Ativ S, this is a launch when even Samsung have lost the legal battle against Apple Inc. in the US for patents and copyright issues,

Ativ S would have 4.8 inch super AMOLED screen, NFC (near field communication system the wireless technology in mobiles to exchange the info or communication), 

Samsung Ativ S; First Windows Phone 8
Samsung Ativ S; First Windows Phone 8

The guys who want to get rid or get out from the Apple iOS or Google's Android, could found a great choice in Samsung's Windows Phone 8 operating system smart mobile after its Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet and Samsung Galaxy series of smart-smart phones!

FYI: Samsung also launched its coveted Samsung Galaxy Note II smart cell phone (or a hybrid of phone / tablet: 'phablet'), 5.5" (after Samsung Galaxy Note mobile and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet) with Android powered Jelly Bean OS and also the Android-powered and voice-controlled Samsung Galaxy Camera, they also launched their Windows RT tablet PC.


Happy Birthday Skype; the VoIP King, You are Nine!!!

August 29 is the official birth date of biggest VoIP provider to the world, we know as Skype, free, cheap, easy, reliable ... can be used from web, mobiles or tablets ... Happy Birthday Skype,

We have now evolved to an era of VoIP, mobile video calling, group video calling and disruptive telephony and much ahead since the invention of basic telephone by Alexander Graham Bell, than the very first cellular phone was devised in 1973 by Motorola, the generations have gone a long way to achieve the growth in telephony which is rapid now, with the advent of apps (applications) and latest innovations like Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy series and Android tablets, it has rather become a fashion or a war between the giants or corporate-s to capture the telephony virgin market shares, 

Well, see how Skype trotted a journey from its toddler hood to a kid in 9 years of its birth in an info-graphic timeline provided by


Skype VoIP timeline in an info-graphic
Skype VoIP timeline in an info-graphic
backpackers, cheap international calls, LocalphoneCheap international calls with Localphone

Make Free Phone Calls to Spain via Mobile, iPad, Landline, Web, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android

Make unlimited free overseas calls to Spain (Espana) land lines from anywhere in the world using mobile phone, land line, web, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android or so via Localphone from UK

... also make 5 minute free test call to anywhere in the world, create a free account, no credit card is required to make free test international calls, no gimmicks its a very honest company I had used myself, 

Free calls to Spain until 5 September

free calls, Spain

Send private-instant-voice messages to ANY FaceBook friend, even without knowing their email address

How to send private-instant-free-unlimited voice messages to ANY FaceBook friends, without knowing email address?

send free, unlimited, instant, private voice message to any Facebook friend, without having email ID
send free, unlimited, instant, private voice message to any Facebook friend, without having email ID

Happy news for Facebook users who want to send free and instant (private) voice messages to their ANY FB friends, and not just written text chat or do not want to make a Skype video calls …

Sorry! you do not have the email IDs of your Facebook friends, than how could you still send a free-private and instant voice message? But you can send, just use Voicegem to send a voice email to anyone in the world if you have their email ID,

Don't worry, if you do not have the email ID of your Facebook friends, still you can send free voice messages, by using this voice messaging app, its interesting and really cool, which works for free : ) Please just do not spam and spoil this voice messaging free platform : )

Login Voicegem with your Facebook account and your all Facebook friends are available there to send them any voice message any time, 

… Even you can send a single voice message to various persons on a single click of email, use it now! Send using : Send by Facebook Message (visible only after you have login Voicegem using your FB) button now as shown in above screen shot,

You also can use the Voice gem app on your Apple iOS devices along with using it on a web page! Spread the word, share, bookmark, subscribe us ...

How to impregnate anyone using a mobile app?

How to get pregnant your girlfriend or wife in less than 9 seconds (digitally) by Knocked app over iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, a complete app for Dummies ; )

Here is a fun and entertainment app for iOS devices, worth downloading and playing with your friends or even with foes : ) You can make ANYONE (even to a male or female, aged or anyone) pregnant using your Apple Ios device like iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, this is a fun app and do not need any bad or sexual motive or intention behind it, it is safe to play with,

Baby bump app makes anyone looks like pregnant lady, just click a photo of any person, press few buttons of your smart call phone, using this app and voila he/she will look 9 month pregnant, some people says that this is an irresponsible app … as it may conceive anyone in few seconds by pressing some buttons of the phone, without touching a female ; ) all things digital : )

Get pregnant app and show to world on Facebook app
Get pregnant, a photo fun app for Apple iOS
People are having photo fun with their friends and family by getting their pictures as a pregnant lady and uploading them to the Facebook, Pinterest, Picassa or Twitter etc. social sharing networks, you too have fun, enjoy… sorry teens this is just a ‘controversial’ entertainment photo app, no sexual abuse, do not be serious, just chill : )

... and after getting someone digitally pregnant do not forget to 'design' your future child which resembles you, that is too digitally and have another stream of fun, no need to be an expert in human genome or genetics now ...


Use mobile's camera to track a TV by Vobile-TVSync technology

Vobile's TVSync VDNA fingerprinting technology is smart enough to sync, identify and track your TV sets to track all of the info of the program-in-the-air using your cell phones, iPad, Android mobile or tablets!

Watching TV can be more than something, fun when you can sync your TV with your cell phones and tablets PC and can get all the info of the program running on it, 

Content, Image, Video, Audio Recognition and Tracking technology on TV via smart cell phones and tablets

Vobile's TVSync can easily sync TV on a mobile and can recognize the audio, video, image or content in the air, when you seek some extra information of the program going on your TV, just wave your cell phone towards its screen and hold it like shooting a photograph over your mobile's camera, and you will get some more info of that program running on the TV at that moment, 

With TV Sync you can also connect and communicate or interact with movies, sports or LIVE TV shows-in-the-air, currently on the very broadcast,

Vobile TVSync video-audio-image-content recognition via mobile camera

What is TVSync technology which understands, reads or recognizes, TV images, content, video, audio using a mobile-sync with TV?

TVSync is an identification technology, an API platform (for Apple iOS, Google's Android) which can read and understand the TV content via mobile phone syncing, this unique TV-Mobile wedding or technology is very useful for TV publishers, content owners and providers, advertisers, in infotainment and e-commerce!

TV-cell phone image recognition technology using cell phones
Sample Code: TV - Mobile image recognition technology using cell phones

What they say:
"TVSync's technology revolutionizes your ability to reach audiences with extra content without the need for secondary apps. TVSync is already being integrated into the core chips in all SmartTV's from one of the largest TV manufacturers in the world. Use TVSync to outdo your competition by allowing customers to interact with your content directly via their TVs."

Google's I'm Feeling Lucky button has now 8 more charms, what, why and how? the search engine, sometime wants to play games, tricks, doodles and such human sentiment soaked things with its global audience, we know, it want to be more sentimental, feelings full and meaning full with us, that's great of Google : ) 

Did you ever noticed that there is a rather 'useless' (I'm sorry Google, do not want to hurt your sentiments, just explaining a hard fact or truth) type of a button on home page, which says: I'M FEELING LUCKY ...

Why I'm feeling lucky by Google? What it means, why it is on Google, what it do, what it costs to Google? Why Google feels lucky with this button on its prime home page?

What is meant by Google's I'm feeling lucky button?
Google's I'm feeling Lucky button has now 8 more options to get more luck!

Did you ever used it? Well, this button is a button on the Google home page since its very inception, but rarely people like us use it, previously when we make a search for some keywords or a long tail key word, on Google and press this I'm feeling button, it took us away straight to the very FIRST result website popped on the search page, as of our search query,  and we felt 'lucky' .. what we searched, what we got : ) that is it ...

After some time, my little son Kartik Kumar noticed that this button now do not takes us to first search results but when we pressed it without searching any thing it takes us on a Google Doodle's page ...

But this all costs much to Google itself, in terms of money, as people go directly to the desired website by-passing the Google Adsense ads which is a PRIME source of Google's revenue generation, but still Google use this button, can't say why Google loves, I'm feeling lucky button : ) or what is the secret or coding behind, may be Google's creator Sergey Brin or Larry Page might have some sentiments linked with this very button : ) 

Internet search for the reason for putting this button, return me as: 
So why does Google keep such a costly button around? 
"It's possible to become too dry, too corporate, too much about making money. I think what's delightful about 'I'm Feeling Lucky' is that it reminds you there are real people here," Google exec Marissa Mayer (at that time) explained, or at least tried to.
Anyways, Google feels more lucky now by 8 fold, as it has added 8 more search pages to lead you land directly on that search terms, they are as: 

1. I'm feeling Artistic - leads to a random search page for Google art project,
2. I'm feeling Doodly - leads to a random search page for Google Doodle,
3. I'm feeling Hungry - takes to a random search page for some restaurants,
4. I'm feeling Playful - takes to a random search page for playful interactive Google doodles,
5. I'm feeling Puzzled - takes to Google-a-day,
6. I'm feeling Stellar - takes directly to Google Earth,
7. I'm feeling Trendy - takes to a Google hot trends of searches going on,
8. I'm feeling Wonderful - takes to a random project for World wonders

Please note this Google new I'm feeling lucky button is only visible (till date) on and not on country specific domains like etc.

If you want to check it out, than visit or not your country specific Google search domain or page. May be you too feel lucky like Google feels with the button: I'm feeling lucky : )  


How to translate Text-in-images, using mobile camera via Google Translate?

Google's translation app (a free online language translation app which translate texts between 64 languages) for Android devices has a new feature which can read, recognize and translate the text-in-images (images of text) using your Android cell phone or tablets or Android gadgets' camera, 

Optical character recognition, use Google Translation app for Android

Google translate android app, translates in-images text too
Google translate android app, translates in-images text too
The latest feature in Google translation app using mobile phone camera brings in-picture, text translation for you, use the camera of your Android device or phone, take a picture of the menu which is in a foreign language, and Google app will bring the translation of the text into their own tongue : ) 

It all needs Android 2.3 or a higher version, after translation, use your finger to rub or brush and read the translation, 

Google already had added this functionality into its Goggles app, which is again an image recognition app of Google,

Be a 'Crop Circle' for any Web page, bomb & destroy it legally in seconds

A web programming Fontbomb made of CSS, HTML5 and Java script can destroy and blow away any, any web page, fonts, web site or web property in seconds to the rubble : ) it is a fun 'game' for any one, no need to be high tech or programming literate, just be an internet user, 

Ruin any web page-s with Font Bomber, a programming wonder of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, this is like the Dynamite for internet web pages and Fonts

This is not ethical or un-ethical hacking as such, but we can say, may be a fun programming game or 'laymen's hacking which de-face any web pages, without destroy them actually' : )

Make 'Crop Circles' styled mysterious 'fields' on any web page, bomb the fonts, anywhere, any location on any web site, blow away Yahoo, Google, Wiki or whatever you want, download the browser plugin and use this web blast app 3,2,1 ... blast ...

Facebomb, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript game to destroy fonts on any page for fun
HTML5, CSS, JavaScript Game left large Crop Circles on our Telephoon Blog
Blast a web page, take a screen shot, share on FB, Twitter, Google+, play prank or have a fun, try this on very FontBomb website without downloading any plugins etc, just click your mouse on any where on this page and 3,2,1 it will blow away the fonts on this web page in your browser,a HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript wonder,

Google loves web browser games too either via Doodles or via Google Search

You know, the search giant, Google also loves these type of internet programming browser games like Zerg Rush and Let it snow etc. exclusively designed for Google search users, also time to time Google Doodles have crazy interactive gaming session for its worldwide users, Google loves smiles and humours like any human : )

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet is addictive, watch YouTube Video

It's serene, it's addictive, surely the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (it's different then its predecessor tablet and is not Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1) tablet is the most lucrative one, it seems to be nicer than Apple iPad in looks, but time will tell about this Samsung's Android digital tablet, which has a stylus enable interface, pen and paper accuracy, a cool design, cool for the artists and creative-imaginative people,

Right now it is available in Germany and UAE markets!

War is hot for the digital tablets and still ultimate winner is Apple's iPad in popularity, when we think of a tablet PC, we always tends to compare it with Apple iPad, this simply means the supremacy of God's own tablet or Jesus tablet, the iPad!

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet with Stylus
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet
All and many things could be done via Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 like its predecessor Samsung Galaxy note hybrid phone/tablet, Life is a dose of tablet now swallow it or it will swallow you :)

Use this Samsung's Android 'iPad' for note taking, multi tasking, music, gaming, information, education, videos, photos etc, with stylus in an action but do not get addictive as it has a real capacity to get you addictive,

It has mutli-screen, multi-app functionalists like use video player and internet on same and one screen, pop up play, Polaris office S note, record videos and add to S notes, multiple templates for many moods, drag and drop screen to switch locations, pitch to change the on-screen keyboard's location,

... launch S Note from any screen in Samsung Galaxy Note tablet 10.1, copy-paste-edit in S Note, draw tables, convert handwriting to text all with accuracy with stylus, formula match to hand write complex formulas and than convert them to text mode, drawings, video chat, drag and drop feature, 3D animation, collect search results into a note ... it has much more, this is by Korean giant Samsung's technology, that is why Apple fumes over them : )

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet with Stylus

Feel or send kisses to an actual guy, over USB-internet, in real-time

What a kiss means for you? Love, feelings, passion and human emotions?!

We wish you a happy friendship day!

Now here is a smooch messaging for you : ) communicate by the feel of a real human kiss, use this any time and on Valentine’s Day, Friendship day, Mother’s, Father’s day etc.

… not talking of, a flying kiss, but a actual digital kiss by a real human in real-time by the way of a USB gadget and the internet, this is a disruptive kissing of our digital age : )

send or feel actual kiss via USB and internet
Send or feel actual kisses via USB and internet

Tele-presence, telecommuting and robots are the new age mantras which are ruling our lives, everywhere the machine, gadgets, internet WIFI, 3G, cell phones, iPad, tablets, laptops, PCs and all such these digitally crafted Avatars are taking our life, each moment,

Human feelings are always first and should be first for us, so kiss your love, if they are away at a long distance than use these digital gadgets and sir your kiss,

How to kiss virtually you love, in real time, using technology?

KISSENGER is a WIRELESS kiss messenger app, which is basically a USB digital toy or resembles like a 'face', you should have a pair of such Kissenger, or ask your love to have one for him, now take a kiss on the silicone made lips of this digital gadgets, (first it should be connected to the internet via its USB on the both ends),

… your kiss would be converted into the digital packets or internet signals and will be transmitted to your love on the other end of the world anywhere, via internet, location, distance and time zone does not matter here and your love will feel the rhythm, love, passion and vibration of your actual kiss in the real-time when he/she will also keep the lips of this toy on his/her cheek, lips or where ever he/she may want to feel your kiss,

Kiss messaging in real time over internet with USB gadget
Kiss messaging in real time over internet with USB gadget

Make long distance smooch with real humans in real-time

Kissinger kiss gadget is actually kiss + messenger, it is the brainwork of Singapore based LOVOTICS, this device has a pair of soft, pressure sensitive, silicone or plastic lips, in the size of a big Easter egg.

The virtual lips have pressure sensors attached to them to send or feel the electronic kiss & shape of lips wirelessly or human less, they just transmitted by the way of internet, in fact this is really a very sexy way to communicate or may be rather touching way to interact with your partner on the other end of the world : )

Lovely non-verbal human communication concept, cool brainwork which connects human emotions using actual kiss in a real time via internet and gadgets, unbelievable but true!


Some Japanese guys have already devised an another gadget (robotic tongue) which stimulates the tongue kiss : ) My God!!

Watch LIVE TV broadcast on cell phones & tablets in US, without 3G or WIFI

Watch LIVE TV (local and national broadcast) on the Go, in USA on handheld; mobile devices and tablets without 3G or WIFI

Live broadcast Dyle TV phone app by MetroPCS on Samsung Galaxy in USA

MetroPCS, America is starting the Dyle live mobile TV local broadcasting on South Korean brand, Samsung Galaxy S Lightgray 4G (a LTE-Android smart cell phone) now,

The Dyle TV is created by MCV or mobile content venture, which is a formation of major broadcasting groups,

Live mobile Dyle TV on Samsung Galaxy phone
Live mobile Dyle TV on Samsung Galaxy phone
How to watch TV on mobile phones and tablets without 3G, WIFI etc.? A new technology!

... to watch Dyle TV channels or live digital local broadcast on cell phones and tablets, you do not need to have a 3G connection, internet, GPRS or WIFI or hot spot etc, GigaOm explains, this is an innovative and new evolving TV on mobile technology,

the Dyle is a over-the-air TV broadcasting service, which 'plucks' their programming out of DTV airwaves and than renders them on to the cell phones, and such digital screened gadgets, ...

Samsung Galaxy S Lightgray 4G would be such very first smart cell phone with Live Dyle mobile TV to watch local TV in USA, Dyle cell phone TV is also coming on number of Apple iOS and Android devices and phones, you just need and antenna and the app, what they say ...

FYI: Dyle TV signals are different and separate from that of the cellular signals and they never inter fear with each other, Dyle TV uses special signals which are exclusively reserved for the TV broadcasting only, so you do not need a WIFI, fast wireless broadband, 3G, 4G etc., no streaming is there, just a simple national, local LIVE TV on Android devices (soon on iOS) like you always watch on your big screen idiot box!

... there is another ... a LTE mobile TV broadcasting system (Samsung is already venturing this with Anritsu)!

Live TV Dyle broadcast on Samsung Galaxy, iOS, Android, without WIFI, 3G
Live TV broadcast on Samsung Galaxy, iOS, Android, without WIFI, 3G, it uses TV signals
Just check your Dyle coverage area in US for the live mobile TV broadcast,

South Korea is one of the pioneer nation to use DMB (digital multi-media broadcasting),

Press release reads:
"... The Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G will be also the first smartphone in the U.S. to offer live, local broadcast television with Dyle™ mobile TV. Dyle mobile TV keeps consumers informed and entertained while on the go and allows them to watch local and national sports, news and entertainment broadcast programming on their mobile phones. Access to the Dyle mobile TV service will be offered in select markets and at no additional charge to customers on a MetroPCS 4G LTE service plan. More information about Dyle mobile TV is available at and the Dyle coverage map is available at"
The entertainment and the cell phones, tablets are interlinked now, TV on mobiles, video calling, games, music or apps etc. are one of the latest craze which mobile operators are using as a VAS (value added service) to the bouquet of their services.

You can download for free Dyle TV app for Android from Google play!

Turn iPod Touch into an iPhone with free 4G wireless net connectivity: FreedomPop

A company name FreedomPop has an Apple iPod, iPhone cover, case, cradle, sleeve or whatever you may want to name it (Freedom Sleeve for $99) to sell which promises to turn your Apple iPod Touch into an iPhone, fully functional to let you make streaming music or VoIP free or cheap calls, do FB, go social, play apps etc., and with all these you get 4G fast wireless internet data connection (limited) in the USA for free each month on the Go (Clear wire’s WiMax and 4G-LTE providers’),

What you will get for $99 ?

• Get a free wireless 4G fast internet connection (not unlimited) on the Go,
• A Freedom Sleeve for Apple iPod Touch which will ensure to convert an iPod into an iPhone with 4G wireless data connection anywhere,
• You would be able to stream your videos and music anywhere, play games or apps on the Go,
• You can use video calls to connect over Skype, Viber, Apple FaceTime or so (but check your free data limit too),
• Your Apple iPod will be a hotspot -  you can use FREE wifi (NOT unlimited) for 8 devices
• If not satisfied, than get a full refund for devices returned within 90 days 

Turn iPod into iPhone and private secured hotspot; get free 4G-LTE
Turn iPod into iPhone and private hot spot, get free 4G-LTE
What are basic Freedom Service

• You will get up to 1GB of FREE 4G wireless broadband internet for iPod Touch
• Which includes, 500MB of guaranteed FREE 4G wireless broadband & hot spot each month
• You also could get some additional MB's for each friend you add
• You can purchase an additional capacity for $10 a GB
• You have not to worry of any contract, any commitment, you are free to cancel anytime!

They say that they are coming to Sprint’s Nextel 4G-LTE too, very soon : ) Wait for the thunder!

Niklas Zennstorm the co-founder of Skype has got some terrific plans in his creative brain and was planning a new venture that has motive to bring FREE broadband communication channels to all in the Americas.

His new venture FreedomPop is supported by his venture capital company Atomico and has signed up a deal with LightSquared, which is recently building a nationwide 4G-LTE fast network incorporated with satellite coverage that will be wholesale only.

The company is now all set to hit the tech market, with an ultimate, quality goal to ensure that every American citizen can get FREE, fast, easy and convenient access to communication service that is completely based on the LightSquared network.

The main motto of the company is "Internet is a right, not a privilege”

This is a kickstarter project

How to send unlimited voice messages for free via email?

Hmm ... you know, sometime it is much comfortable or rather a need for your contacts to receive voice messages rather than voice calls, so they may any time later could retrieve them, hear, and may reply, if needed,

Here Voicegem is a site, using its free services one can send unlimited and free voice messages to their contacts anywhere in the world, the free voice messaging could be done over internet using PC, tablets like iPad or a smart phones like Apple iPhone or even using iPod Touch!

You can free record a voice email message, just to register your email ID only once, than login your account and send free voice emails! 

send unlimited free voice messages on email over cell phones or internet
Blast unlimited free voice messages on email over mobile phones, iPad or internet
You may also broadcast or blast a single voice message to your many contacts using their email ID, all for free : )

The voice emails or messages could be shared with any one using a public web link or an email, provided by the site for free, it is very easy to use and a nice comfortable free service, and it works too : )

Send free voice mails, voice e-greetings or any personalized voice things, just feel good : ) and yes your voice messages can cross international physical boundaries of the nations or the time zones and you may have never worry now for the voice communications and international time zones

Download voice messaging free app for Apple iOS: Download

They are right to pronounce, it is as a simplest way to send your voice via messaging which transgresses international time zones!


Send Text Messages from a Land line in US, Canada, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Island

Control a Robot remotely using Google+ Hangouts

Now the robots too could be handled or remotely controlled using a Google+ Hangouts session, 

The Google+ Hangouts API, has opened the door for such and other interesting tricks,

See how Gus Class' coding has turned his 'vintage' vacuum cleaner into the ultra modern high tech robot (Oscar) which has remote controlled capability over a Google Plus Hangout session, interesting and worth using Google+ API,

Google+ Hangout API tricks: Remotely controlled robot
Let us order & control a robot from remote places using Google Plus Hangout

Sorry, the Robotics is something Greek & Latin for me, just learn and enjoy over Google+ Hangouts!

Lexifone: converse with people, who don't know your language!

Lexifone, from Israel (it seems Israel has become the land of mobile innovations, VoIP and apps etc. now) the telephony app, seamlessly automate your phone calls; interprets them and instantly translates them while you are on a call in real-time, so you can make voice calls over phones to the people, anywhere in the world, who even do not know or speak your language : ) 

Lexifone is a telephony wonder app of our times : ) no doubt, it is a two-way voice telephony translation service, no languages bar now, works over any phone, land line, VoIP, cell phone, old or smart one, no internet, WIFI, 3G, EDGE, GPRS needed, just call the Lexifone service, and speak in your own language, this linguistic expert app or voice translation solution will smartly and seamlessly connect you the other guy who do not know your language or speak your language, 

Voice translation app for mobiles and VoIP calling
Voice Translator for phones and VoIP calls
So just pick up your phone, start speaking Chinese, Spanish, French, Latin or Greek and the people on the other end of your phone call will never complaint that what you are talking, they are not getting : ) mind blowing,

First you have to buy some credits to use this real-time, instant and automated voice call translation service over any phones or VoIP, 

Features and specialties of Lexifone voice translation service:

Voice translation; computational linguistics, speech recognition etc.

Lexifone videos:


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