3D Tightrope walking and balancing game app for iOS

How do you feel thinking of balancing a beam or if someone challenges you to cross Niagara fall by way of using balancing beam and walking on a tightrope, could you take the challenge?! Brave and lucky people always can do it and have done in the recent past too, but this is not suggested, it could be very risky indeed : )

OK-OK, I understand, you can never do it, life could never be thrown into the Niagara fall, without proper skills and some luck : )

Anyways, you can always try to walk and balance on a 3D digital tightrope gaming app, tide to the screens of your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iOS), 

Download tightrope game app for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (iOS),

A 3D avatar: Amy is there to walk on a digital tightrope, whose motions are controlled by you, you can use the accelerometer to cope with gravity factor, and may 'tell' Amy how to go ahead on the tightrope, thus this way collecting some coins and the scheduled time bonus to win the game,

Tightrope balance and walking game for Apple iOS gadgets
Amy walks on a tightrope, the balancing game app for iOS
This iOS adventure game app is quiet fun and interesting, watching it on various angles, with 3D movements in body balancing physics, the animations are cool and the difficulty level of tight rope increases as we go ahead with this game, a hand and eye control or visual motor skills control is god for make a balance while controlling Amy's body using the accelerometer, collect points and score big ...

The balancing on the tight rope game for iOS will enhance your patience level for sure, if not the actual balancing skills in this real world's tight ropes : ) Try it, may be you have that luck!

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