VoIPguides.blogspot.com blog is no more?!

What happened to http://voipguides.blogspot.com ? The self acclaimed 'authority' blog on VoIP by the self acclaimed Singapore based 'VoIP Guru' Vinay Rasam (alias utgodmode)?

They say that VoIP guides is/was the 'big gun' and a very popular blog on VoIP niche and making free internet calls, it was said to be a 6 year old consistent blog, which comes high to the SERPS or in organic Google searches, but where VoIP guides has gone suddenly and why? how it is vanished like Dinosaurs from this Earth? ? Is it a mystery? What happened to this popular VoIP guides blog is a million dollar question for its regular readers' ...

https://productforums.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/blogger/D1nt4HkRe5Q this is in a public domain, you can read yourself, nothing is hidden here all explained...

Death of a 'BIG' VoIP blog??

Well, VoIPguides was a blogger free blog, it was hosted on Google's servers and not on a top level domain, Google has the strict policies, and it could remove free blogger blogs if they do not adhere to its policies,

It is reported that VoIP guides was caught by tech savvy Google's automated and strong spam filters thus got deleted and there is NO recovery till date of this blog, time will tell whether it will make a come back or never to its regular readers,

We believe that Google will re-check and give this blog an another lease of life, if this is really giving useful info to the VoIP world at large : )

It is clear no one is BIG when it is Google and rules, just follow the webmasters guidelines, be happy and let your users happy and give them a nice web experience with happy Google too :)

Don't be evil when it is Google! Learn the lessons from the Masters or by your own experience!

what happened to VoIP guides, VoIP Blog?
Voipguides.blogspot.com: The VoIP blog is deleted by Google for spamming?

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