Live Video-Speed-Date on cell phones, in real-time, for free

Flikdate app gives fast, free and real-time, live video speed-date over cell phones and tablet PCs:

Who do not love to 'date' ... ? than must use this live, real-time free video speed-date app for iOS mobiles and tablets, which permits the real-time, face-to-face, free and fast speed-virtual mini blind date or live and free video calling over your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch etc, no more only video clips show or such, it is a real-time; face-to-face; live video chat on smart cell phones!

Login with your FB account, with no worry, they will NOT post on your FB wall about your love to your darling :) choose a real male or female and get a head start, you can change your 'dates' like the playing cards :)

They claims themselves pretty boldly, the world's first mobile date service with real-time video!

Start your chemistry, physics, geography, maths, Latin or Greek whatever you love to say with your geek ;) If you want to make your face beautiful, no pimples, without specs or braces than use this photo app or make a search over this blog for more such face beauty apps ...

Well, here in this Flikdate, each session of live video date on mobiles starts with 90 seconds limits to know each other, if you want to increase more 90 seconds each time, you have to spend what they say as 1 Flik!

Look what they explain:
"You can interact by talking or with a thumbs up or a thumbs down, or if things start heating up, ask them for a date! If they accept, you get 10 minutes of video time to see where things lead. (Getting a date will cost you 5 fliks – you pay only if they accept.)"
The age to make this video chat is above 18 and NO to nudity or such events. You can even ban any date forever (perv alert feature for safe practices) your own reasons of misbehaving or so,

Facebook identity mechanism ensures to ban the bad guys whose pants are always off :( though this is a chat with anonymous friends, but the system knows who is talking with whom and as I told you the FB recognition mechanism is good to hold the persons who love to show case the nudity as was in Chat-roulette! But still a safe zone is always advised to those who care.

live video speed-date on cell phones
live video speed-date on cell phones


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