Viber opens free group texting and free improved HD VoIP calling

Israel's popular app creation Viber mobile app is marching ahead of all of its competitors, this is a very popular app now which gives free improved HD engine phone calls; Viber to Viber anywhere to anywhere in the world,

Viber is also very popular in Dubai, UAE, The Gulf, but under the pressure of local telecos the Viber and many other VoIP providers are blocked now, so people are NOT being able to make free or cheap international VoIP calling from there, as all is about steep revenue losses, which local telcos could not sustain there as of popular free VoIP phone calling from there, so we say Dubai as VoIP blocked nation, and there are many as such, anyways,

Well, Viber claims it has now 90 million+ global users which uses its free or cheap calling and texting on a regular basis,

Viber guys have released Viber 2.2 which has improved HD voice engine and also supports free group messaging or group texting over smart cell phones or tablets on the go over WIFI or 3G data plan, you can use Viber app over your Apple iOS, Android, Viber on Blackberry or Windows phone, make free anywhere to anywhere calls, free texting, IM, free mobile group messaging (texts, photos, location etc.) now,

Viber app, make free VoIP calls, texts, IM and group messaging
Get Free Viber app for free calls and group messaging
If more than 90 million users around the world are using viber, than you can imagine, thet there must be something good in this app :) but still is the unmatched King of VoIP free calling world, who also provides an unlimited video calls on the go,

If you love to communicate and freebies charms you than you will love Viber too ...

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