Unlimited Free Phone Calls to Sweden

LocalPhone's free worldwide calling promos are going on and this time you can dial unlimited free phone calls to Swedish land line phones using Localphone via any cell phone, 3G, WIFI or local numbers technology, this is very easy and much easier than Skype or Apple's Facetime, even internet is NOT required, if you are using LOCAL NUMBERs to call anybody,

Cheap international calls with Localphone

Also try 5 minutes free calls to anywhere in the world, without any credit card information, just login with Facebook or make an account at Localphone,

If you continue to use the Localphone than minimum recharge is $1 with NO expiry ever, just use and forget, call or text international on very low cost rates from anywhere to anywhere on the Go, from any phone, any mobile or a land line ... no service charges, no hidden charges, no contracts and all ...

If you use Apple or Android than use their apps for iOS / Android for your smart cell phones and make the cheap overseas calls on the Go, try it once, it is worth : )

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