Teacher-Students-Parents Connect: Blast a message to a Class

A very interesting, safe, easy, unlimited and a free way to broadcast a text message to whole of the class (students and get in touch with parents in US / Canada) by a teacher: Remind101.
Safe, free text messaging to whole of a class
Broadcast a text to students' of a class
Download free iOS app to send a SMS to whole of the class and parents, (No Android app right now),

Get Remind101 for Google Chrome

The app or this solution is a nice one to text whole bunch of the class or students at a go and / or to their parents to communicate in an effective way, the phone number is always be in hidden or private mode, so neither the teacher, nor the students can see each other's phone number.

No PC, internet, WIFI etc needed, just an ordinary cell phone and this class text solution, and you are good to go,

If the teacher want to delete a class from bulk and free text messaging, they can do as described here: http://blog.remind101.com/schools-out-for-the-summer

Well, we realize that a kid is not remained a kid now, we and this technology has 'fetched' away much of his innocence, they do not love to play much outside and do not love to read paper edition of books, digital screen has replaced the life, gaming and reading behavior :(

Anyways to cope with our times and also to give the kids their best skills, we have to compromise a bit, find a solution and accept the ongoing digital life to an extent,

The kids have iPads, iPhones, cell phones, iPod and much now, they use to text, play with different and useful apps, and more thanks to the digital era of communication and clouds which envelopes the many souls largely on this Earth,

History of this class messaging tool

The mobile technology is rapidly empowering the lifestyle and trying to make it easy but ultimately we feel ourselves somewhere weir-ed, better use technology for our benefit and try it never grips our crust of life, after All there are Sun, Moon, mighty Nature, sea breeze, fragrance of flowers, colorful butterflies always wait for us, so give a path to the inner child within every man, just get it to your childhood and you will be really happy : )

Get to work, go to play, keep healthy, wealthy and wise ...

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