Shoot under-water photos; videos on iPhone with Scuba suit

For the people who are fond of swimming or scuba diving, and also of Apple's iPhone, now you can shoot a snap under water, or make a video, without being thinking that your iPhone will be no more, if it got into the water,

Scuba suit (photojojo's) protects your iPhone all along while swimming or a scuba dive, may be you are in a swimming pool or enjoying the vacations at some cool Hawaiian beaches, just wrap your iPhone with specially designed Scuba suit to protect it with any water and be a smart technology photographer, inside the water, shoot the fish, crocodiles or swim with them and make them jealous of your white or black iPhone, which they might never have :(

how to take pictures underwater with iPhone?

Scuba suit ('driSuit') is 100% water proofed (with liquid airtight barrier) and will protect you Apple phone to make you enable cool pictures, underwater, it has a touch sensitive gel optical grade screen which will help you to take quality and clear pictures, even under-water with an ease. 

Capture images now in water, snow, rain or while swimming (up to 15 feet deep), your iPhone (4 / 4S) is a best device for you to shoot  pictures or videos now in the water, just protect yourself, not to your iPhone. 

Throw a pool party, clad your bikinis, swim and shoot photos or group photos - under-water; dance with the Sharks or Whales, imagine wild, life is fun : )

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