Parrot Minikit Neo: hands free calling, texting while on a drive

Take your phone calls or texts on the road while on a drive: A voice recognition hands-free gadget for this

Have you ever wished that while driving a car, you may have the complete control on your crazy cell phone, which always rings, rings and rings or texts, 

While you also do not want to get into an accident while driving and taking a call, or texting, also who likes the traffic cops ticket for taking a call over cell phone while driving the car?

Well, life is not the name of bundle of problems, instead it is a cool thing for the persons who knows how to live happily, 

Parrot's Mini Kit Neo hands free Bluetooth device
Hand free calling, texting device: Parrot's MiniKit Neo
Parrot's MiniKit Neo

Parrot Mini Kit Neo is a compact Bluetooth gadget or an In-car virtual assistant, which has hands free, Bluetooth which could be controlled by voice, anywhere, so you can make, initiate, reject or accept a voice call, texts, on the drive by your voice control, nice sound quality and the good is that you can even connect two cell phones simultaneously or use their address books just by vibration of your voice or mouth's sound : ) is an innovative brand name in the cell phone's wireless devices, they also have developed a flying WIFI Quadricopter with Augmented Reality video gaming (phone controlled AR Drone).

What this hands free gadget can do for you?

Parrot's hands free mini kit neo also can let you know that you are on a drive; where you had parked your car and also can sense (using its vibration sensor) when people come-in or exit the car so this gadget adjusts or down its 'power' accordingly. This hands free calling and sms device interconnects or pair two Bluetooth gadgets at the same time, it syncs your contacts on your 2 cell phones at a time and all in hands free mode, just focus on your drive, not on incoming or outgoing calls or texts,

The MINIKIT by comes with accompanying FREE apps for Apple iPhone (iOS) and Google Android which enables the user to pin point or locate his car and to set the parking meter reminders and to auto reply SMSs.

The users of this device can also use its interactive vocal service: TEXT FRIENDLY, here one can compose emails, texts or can listen them vocally, 

How to connect a call or text, hands free while on a drive?

Just say the 'MINIKIT' in your voice and this will ensure to initiate the voice recognition over this small 70 gm. device, than speak the name of the contact to be called ...

This Mini kit neo is expected to cost approx. US$100 and is expected to hit the Europe and the US stores' shelves by September 2012. Keep an eye, share us on Twitter, FB, bookmark and subscribe us for the more updates.


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Parrot Minikit said...

Mini Kit Neo is a compact Bluetooth gadget or an In-car virtual assistant, which has hands free, Bluetooth which could be controlled by voice, anywhere, ...

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