Interfone: Add-on-SIM for making cheap abroad calls

Understanding the Interfone from Denmark (an innovative and disruptive  mobile technology from Nordic countries)?

The Danish enterprise, Interfone has an ‘invention’ to their claim, which is a ultra thin, small SIM chip related business, which will build their future telephony business or rather a disruptive telephony, to make them enable to get ahead of cheap or free global VoIP providers like Skype, Rebtel, Fring, Tango, Viber etc.

By-pass the international mobile operators and make chip international calls or roaming on your existing SIM, existing mobile, existing carrier, this is a revolutionary chip which modifies the existing SIM card to your benefit to make low cost abroad calls,

Interfone add-in-chip for SIM makes international calls very cheap
Interfone add-in-chip for SIM makes international calls very cheap
They have a tiny SIM ‘chip’ (sticks on any SIM) which will be able to get a place on ANY operator’s existing SIM card and will be activated during making of international calls or overseas travel, will than take control of all the international calls to/from your cell phone, thus will make to/from abroad calls at very low cost, you can easily use this cheap calling system, where there is a mobile signal coverage, who needs the internet, VoIP, local numbers, WIFI or internet calling now?
You have to do nothing, just make the call as you normally do, the add-in SIM chip will do the rest of things for you to ensure that you have a smooth and low cost calling, with no worry of VoIP: WIF, 3G or any apps, it is 24 hours 365 days,

This add-in chip on any SIM starter kit will cost you $375 only. The current operations are located to Denmark and Norway for now, but soon the presence will be felt across the Europe, USA and other countries too, just keep a tab on this blog.

Modus Operandi

Do make calls as you call normally, and the Interfone’s system will connect your call with them thus making low cost calls to abroad or while roaming overseas,

So do not change your mobile phone, do not change your operator, do not change your GSM-SIM, just use the Interfone add-in SIM sticker, on your existing SIM and get ready to make the one of the cheapest international phone calls in the world,

What the customer of Danish Interfone has to do is, just add the chip card sticker to his mobile’s SIM card to get benefit of the cheap international calling or texting, or may be overseas cheap roaming while on the globe trotting, nothing more to do, no apps needed, no software is needed, no Skype, no accounts, no hotspot, no WIFI or 3G … just use your own and ANY cell phone, ANY SIM from ANY operator, and make the cheap calls to save money,

This will make a huge savings in making phone calls abroad and international roaming which could be anywhere from 20 to 97% in the cost, and will benefit most to call or travel North Europe or Asia, where the Denmark based Interfone would have its own calling gateways to route the voice calls,

Interfone says they are even cheaper than EU’s call to cut roaming in EU countries.
… We know the telephony has now-a-days been evolved from Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of TELEPHONE to the most modern, sophisticated of the cell phones, tablets and VoIP calling with or without the help of numerous apps.

The phone is not only a phone now to make calls now; it has other uses like playing games, texting, watch TV, apps, music, doing maths and such numerous applications; the old plain, simple telephone has transformed into the most complicated smart phone now!


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DENICE said...

there are so many uses of it. I travel a lot due to my job & I looking for a sim for USA . I got to know about Telestial. Do you have any idea about them?

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