Make 7-Way Free group video chat on cell phones, tablets and PCs

Mobile and Web-browser based worldwide free audio-video communication, SMS, IM etc.

Video calling on mobile phones, Apple iPad, Android tablets that's to for free, unlimited calling ... is a charm for this internet and mobile phone generation,

Germany based (GmbH) C2C's FriendCaller has the free video calling app for Android and Apple iOS platforms which will provide the unlimited free video calls, face-to-face, anytime, anywhere to you, they also have a browser based VoIP app (JAVA solution for cloud computing) to make free video conferencing,

Friendcaller's internet phone not only provides for the video calling or multi-party video meeting on the go but also gives rich social media messaging and you can instantly send your PDF, EXCEL or Word etc. file on the go or share your loaction,

An important aspect is to be noted, that these multi-person Face-time LIVE video calls are cross-platform enabled, i.e. you can make free and up to seven persons in a calls from Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Facebook, Nokia, SIP-VOIP, Android or the web-browser! And you can also add 20 persons in a group for voice calling in addition to 7-way free video calling ...

Friendcaller, 7-way free video chat for iOS and Android
7-way, free video calling on hand held devices and PC

A bold claim now from Friendcaller:

C2C Friend caller proudly claims that this is Friendcaller only in the world, where you can see live, face to face, in real time ALL of your friends AT THE SAME TIME on the digital screen while on a video call, unlike

-Skype (video calling not generally on mobiles except a few one like Nokia (Maemo) N900,

-Fring (free group video call conference is here on cell phones but maximum with 4 people at a time),

-Google Hangout (9-way free video caht is there, but you can see only 1 person live at a moment),

-Oovoo (gives 12 way free video call, but 1 live person at a time),

-Apple's Facetime and the Tango has NO group video meeting facility at the moment,

{you can search for all of the above described video calling solutions, just make a search on this blog}

So who emerged as a winner? This is surely for FriendsCaller as they have 7-way video call, for free, all 7 guys are shown live all at any moment, video calling is cross-platform, can include 20 more callers to make a group voice calling and this makes a video/audio group calls on the go (they are very first to introduce cloud hosted video and voice calling) ...

Download Friendcaller free app to make free video calls over Android

Download Friendcaller free app to make free video calls over Apple iOS


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