Dell Voice-Fongo Blackberry VoIP app; Free Canada calling

Call for free to most of the Canada (using data plan, on land lines or cell phones, without using carrier voice minutes) now with Dell Voice, on your PC or smart cell phones,

Dell Voice, VoIP app works on Windows PC, Home Phone, Apple iOS, Android and RIM's Blackberry (powered by Fongo),

Blackberry Bold (9700, 9780, 9790, 9900)
Blackberry Curve (9300, 9320, 9360)
Blackberry Torch (9800, 9810, 9860)

Dell Voice app for making free VoIP Blackberry calling
Fongo-Dell Voice, VoIP Blackberry app

Dell Voice for Android tablets and smart phones

-You will get a local Canadian real free phone number for your Blackberry as a second line or may be you can use your existing one,

-Make free VoIP calls (uses internet data for voice calls, no calling or carrier minutes or air-time minutes are exhausted) across the Canada using 3G, 4G or WIFI (wireless),

-Turn your WiFI enabled iPod Touch or a tablet into a virtual voice calling phone with Dell Voice by Fongo,

-'Limited' 911 emergency calling support, you will get,

-Caller ID, Call waiting, visual voicemail,

-Follow Me: make sure you recieve every phone call, so make free forward your incoming calls to a cell phone, home phone or to your frienfs home, Dell Voice will call 3 phones simoultaneously and if they are not being picked up the phone call will go to your voice mail service to get an answer,

-Uses WIFI, 3G, 4G but hoping in-between or switching between WIFI and 3G,4G is not possible this time, sorry,

-Low cost calls to internationals.

-No carrier contract, use your WIFI,

-Fongo to Fongo free anywhere calls,

-Complimentary voice mail to emailing service,

-Background incoming calls notification,

-Support, toll free: 1 855 323 6646

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