China: Weixin Free VoIP Video Chat on Mobiles

China's Tencent is one of the largest and biggest ISP in terms of volume or customers size, thanks to the budding population of China, which could turn any thing 'BIG' very soon ; )

Tencent has an extremely popular free IM (instant messaging) in China known as QQ (it has approx 715+ million active users now)

Tencent has another feather to its cap, they have WEIXIN: this is a smart mobile phone app, which already is being downloaded by millions of people in China, (its English version is called as WeChat), this provides chat and group chat for free on the Go on smart cell phones which are Apple iOs, Android, Windows Phone or Symbian etc.!

Throw a message in the bottle in the sea: Feature

They have an interesting feature, MESSAGE IN THE FLOATING BOTTLE, a screen, with an ocean with a few glass bottles, with messages within, these messages are written by the Wei Xin users around the network, any user can pick a virtual digital bottle, read the message, can comment it and than send the message to the user who did posted it in the bottle, this way a communication starts intra-network between users one write a message, put it into a bottle, throw it in virtual ocean and other users picks the virtual bottle, open the message, reply it and so on ...

Use Free VoIP calling in China using Weixin

Now more than 100 million Chinese users can interact for free voice and video calling over Weixin in China.

Weixin 4.2 will bring free VoIP calls to its users in China a home based native Chinese VoIP, which is a real threat now for Skype, Rebtel, LocalPhone, Tango, Fring etc. mobile VoIP providers which are very popular in other parts of the Globe.

This is something like Kakao Talk ( in South Korea which is giving away free VoIP calls to its users there despite the resistance of its local telecom operators,
Communications never should stop, the show must go on ... free is the key world which this world still loves : )


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