Vyclone: A social video collaboration app for iOS

A social and collaborative video combining app for Apple iOS devices

The latest buzz in the town is Vyclone, this is not a cyclone, but can make the thunder like that,

If you are fond of videos, shooting or creating them on your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, you are social have friends or co-workers than get this free mobile video app which will let you to co-create; share; sync movies with people near you, simply this is a Social video collaboration app for Apple iOS gadgets,

Procedure to make social customized video with friends!

Get ready for the social video adventure, with this app you can blend film taken on your Apple i-device with any footage taken by some other guy who is also filming the same place or event at the same time, like you shoot a video with friends and than use the Vyclone app to combine or blend all of the videos in a single stream of a video film, this is not techy, just let this app do some work, while you take a nap : )

Vyclone knows its job, it will create, edit, sync all of the multi-phone videos footage or clips taken from various angles into a one single whole length video film ... choose a good time for your friends, camera, action, cut!

You need to enable location sharing on your iOS device so the app know where the video was captured while blending it with other users' videos, the app and services are free with the limitation of just 60 second full length movie : (

Download Vyclone for Apple iOS, (currently available in UK),

App to mix, sync different videos into a single video

... Create easily and quickly a single length video film of a shared event where you and your partners have captured the multi-angeled videos, share with the rest of world using your Twitter (you can use hash tags too) or Facebook : )

This below video is made over using Vyclone app, enjoy,


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