Viber opens free group texting and free improved HD VoIP calling

Israel's popular app creation Viber mobile app is marching ahead of all of its competitors, this is a very popular app now which gives free improved HD engine phone calls; Viber to Viber anywhere to anywhere in the world,

Viber is also very popular in Dubai, UAE, The Gulf, but under the pressure of local telecos the Viber and many other VoIP providers are blocked now, so people are NOT being able to make free or cheap international VoIP calling from there, as all is about steep revenue losses, which local telcos could not sustain there as of popular free VoIP phone calling from there, so we say Dubai as VoIP blocked nation, and there are many as such, anyways,

Well, Viber claims it has now 90 million+ global users which uses its free or cheap calling and texting on a regular basis,

Viber guys have released Viber 2.2 which has improved HD voice engine and also supports free group messaging or group texting over smart cell phones or tablets on the go over WIFI or 3G data plan, you can use Viber app over your Apple iOS, Android, Viber on Blackberry or Windows phone, make free anywhere to anywhere calls, free texting, IM, free mobile group messaging (texts, photos, location etc.) now,

Viber app, make free VoIP calls, texts, IM and group messaging
Get Free Viber app for free calls and group messaging
If more than 90 million users around the world are using viber, than you can imagine, thet there must be something good in this app :) but still is the unmatched King of VoIP free calling world, who also provides an unlimited video calls on the go,

If you love to communicate and freebies charms you than you will love Viber too ...

3D Tightrope walking and balancing game app for iOS

How do you feel thinking of balancing a beam or if someone challenges you to cross Niagara fall by way of using balancing beam and walking on a tightrope, could you take the challenge?! Brave and lucky people always can do it and have done in the recent past too, but this is not suggested, it could be very risky indeed : )

OK-OK, I understand, you can never do it, life could never be thrown into the Niagara fall, without proper skills and some luck : )

Anyways, you can always try to walk and balance on a 3D digital tightrope gaming app, tide to the screens of your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iOS), 

Download tightrope game app for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (iOS),

A 3D avatar: Amy is there to walk on a digital tightrope, whose motions are controlled by you, you can use the accelerometer to cope with gravity factor, and may 'tell' Amy how to go ahead on the tightrope, thus this way collecting some coins and the scheduled time bonus to win the game,

Tightrope balance and walking game for Apple iOS gadgets
Amy walks on a tightrope, the balancing game app for iOS
This iOS adventure game app is quiet fun and interesting, watching it on various angles, with 3D movements in body balancing physics, the animations are cool and the difficulty level of tight rope increases as we go ahead with this game, a hand and eye control or visual motor skills control is god for make a balance while controlling Amy's body using the accelerometer, collect points and score big ...

The balancing on the tight rope game for iOS will enhance your patience level for sure, if not the actual balancing skills in this real world's tight ropes : ) Try it, may be you have that luck!

Vyclone: A social video collaboration app for iOS

A social and collaborative video combining app for Apple iOS devices

The latest buzz in the town is Vyclone, this is not a cyclone, but can make the thunder like that,

If you are fond of videos, shooting or creating them on your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, you are social have friends or co-workers than get this free mobile video app which will let you to co-create; share; sync movies with people near you, simply this is a Social video collaboration app for Apple iOS gadgets,

Procedure to make social customized video with friends!

Get ready for the social video adventure, with this app you can blend film taken on your Apple i-device with any footage taken by some other guy who is also filming the same place or event at the same time, like you shoot a video with friends and than use the Vyclone app to combine or blend all of the videos in a single stream of a video film, this is not techy, just let this app do some work, while you take a nap : )

Vyclone knows its job, it will create, edit, sync all of the multi-phone videos footage or clips taken from various angles into a one single whole length video film ... choose a good time for your friends, camera, action, cut!

You need to enable location sharing on your iOS device so the app know where the video was captured while blending it with other users' videos, the app and services are free with the limitation of just 60 second full length movie : (

Download Vyclone for Apple iOS, (currently available in UK),

App to mix, sync different videos into a single video

... Create easily and quickly a single length video film of a shared event where you and your partners have captured the multi-angeled videos, share with the rest of world using your Twitter (you can use hash tags too) or Facebook : )

This below video is made over using Vyclone app, enjoy,


Make 7-Way Free group video chat on cell phones, tablets and PCs

Mobile and Web-browser based worldwide free audio-video communication, SMS, IM etc.

Video calling on mobile phones, Apple iPad, Android tablets that's to for free, unlimited calling ... is a charm for this internet and mobile phone generation,

Germany based (GmbH) C2C's FriendCaller has the free video calling app for Android and Apple iOS platforms which will provide the unlimited free video calls, face-to-face, anytime, anywhere to you, they also have a browser based VoIP app (JAVA solution for cloud computing) to make free video conferencing,

Friendcaller's internet phone not only provides for the video calling or multi-party video meeting on the go but also gives rich social media messaging and you can instantly send your PDF, EXCEL or Word etc. file on the go or share your loaction,

An important aspect is to be noted, that these multi-person Face-time LIVE video calls are cross-platform enabled, i.e. you can make free and up to seven persons in a calls from Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Facebook, Nokia, SIP-VOIP, Android or the web-browser! And you can also add 20 persons in a group for voice calling in addition to 7-way free video calling ...

Friendcaller, 7-way free video chat for iOS and Android
7-way, free video calling on hand held devices and PC

A bold claim now from Friendcaller:

C2C Friend caller proudly claims that this is Friendcaller only in the world, where you can see live, face to face, in real time ALL of your friends AT THE SAME TIME on the digital screen while on a video call, unlike

-Skype (video calling not generally on mobiles except a few one like Nokia (Maemo) N900,

-Fring (free group video call conference is here on cell phones but maximum with 4 people at a time),

-Google Hangout (9-way free video caht is there, but you can see only 1 person live at a moment),

-Oovoo (gives 12 way free video call, but 1 live person at a time),

-Apple's Facetime and the Tango has NO group video meeting facility at the moment,

{you can search for all of the above described video calling solutions, just make a search on this blog}

So who emerged as a winner? This is surely for FriendsCaller as they have 7-way video call, for free, all 7 guys are shown live all at any moment, video calling is cross-platform, can include 20 more callers to make a group voice calling and this makes a video/audio group calls on the go (they are very first to introduce cloud hosted video and voice calling) ...

Download Friendcaller free app to make free video calls over Android

Download Friendcaller free app to make free video calls over Apple iOS


London Olympic: make unlimited, free, overseas or local calls

How to get a free UK phone number and make unlimited free calls from ANY phone from London (or anywhere in UK) without WIFI, 3G or internet? This will blow you out ...

Summer Olympic games 2012 at London, UK are about to begin, sports persons, tourists, sports enthusiasts, delegates, press persons and all are busy in packing their luggage to London, London is calling everybody, go and witness the biggest sporting events in the world, where history is ready once again either to repeat itself or unfolding the new records with proud and touching moments of unfurling of national flags and anthems there ...

The biggest challenge for us the Telephony blog is, how to overcome international phone charges or rather make the free phone calls from London during Olympics 2012, or even after them, from UK, London or anywhere from London?

If you are all set to leave for the London / UK for Summer Olympics, than this is a must read thing for you, how to make unlimited free or local rate UK call to anywhere in the world using FW Call,

I will describe, how to convert any phone number in the world to a UK local domestic number FOR FREE which forwards your calls FOR FREE to any country in the world, all for free, if you have a local minutes in UK, if not than maximum it will cost you a local rate UK call to make overseas calls from UK or London,

How to Make Free International or Local Phone Calls from London - UK?
Make Free International or Local Phone Calls from London - UK

Read, save, share, distribute carefully this post every step is detailed there to make free and unlimited phone calls from London, Great Britain anytime, anywhere in the world, you will need this post many times, so read carefully, bookmark, subscribe, Facebook, Tweet, Digg, Blog us, share on telecom, travel, sports forums ...

Read this:

Get free UK number, get forwarded to any international number, make free calls from UK
Get free UK numbers, get forwarded them to any international number, make free calls from London or UK

Try, Share, Spread the word to the world fast ... everyone needs a free overseas phone call ...



Teacher-Students-Parents Connect: Blast a message to a Class

A very interesting, safe, easy, unlimited and a free way to broadcast a text message to whole of the class (students and get in touch with parents in US / Canada) by a teacher: Remind101.
Safe, free text messaging to whole of a class
Broadcast a text to students' of a class
Download free iOS app to send a SMS to whole of the class and parents, (No Android app right now),

Get Remind101 for Google Chrome

The app or this solution is a nice one to text whole bunch of the class or students at a go and / or to their parents to communicate in an effective way, the phone number is always be in hidden or private mode, so neither the teacher, nor the students can see each other's phone number.

No PC, internet, WIFI etc needed, just an ordinary cell phone and this class text solution, and you are good to go,

If the teacher want to delete a class from bulk and free text messaging, they can do as described here:

Well, we realize that a kid is not remained a kid now, we and this technology has 'fetched' away much of his innocence, they do not love to play much outside and do not love to read paper edition of books, digital screen has replaced the life, gaming and reading behavior :(

Anyways to cope with our times and also to give the kids their best skills, we have to compromise a bit, find a solution and accept the ongoing digital life to an extent,

The kids have iPads, iPhones, cell phones, iPod and much now, they use to text, play with different and useful apps, and more thanks to the digital era of communication and clouds which envelopes the many souls largely on this Earth,

History of this class messaging tool

The mobile technology is rapidly empowering the lifestyle and trying to make it easy but ultimately we feel ourselves somewhere weir-ed, better use technology for our benefit and try it never grips our crust of life, after All there are Sun, Moon, mighty Nature, sea breeze, fragrance of flowers, colorful butterflies always wait for us, so give a path to the inner child within every man, just get it to your childhood and you will be really happy : )

Get to work, go to play, keep healthy, wealthy and wise ...

Useful links:

Interfone: Add-on-SIM for making cheap abroad calls

Understanding the Interfone from Denmark (an innovative and disruptive  mobile technology from Nordic countries)?

The Danish enterprise, Interfone has an ‘invention’ to their claim, which is a ultra thin, small SIM chip related business, which will build their future telephony business or rather a disruptive telephony, to make them enable to get ahead of cheap or free global VoIP providers like Skype, Rebtel, Fring, Tango, Viber etc.

By-pass the international mobile operators and make chip international calls or roaming on your existing SIM, existing mobile, existing carrier, this is a revolutionary chip which modifies the existing SIM card to your benefit to make low cost abroad calls,

Interfone add-in-chip for SIM makes international calls very cheap
Interfone add-in-chip for SIM makes international calls very cheap
They have a tiny SIM ‘chip’ (sticks on any SIM) which will be able to get a place on ANY operator’s existing SIM card and will be activated during making of international calls or overseas travel, will than take control of all the international calls to/from your cell phone, thus will make to/from abroad calls at very low cost, you can easily use this cheap calling system, where there is a mobile signal coverage, who needs the internet, VoIP, local numbers, WIFI or internet calling now?
You have to do nothing, just make the call as you normally do, the add-in SIM chip will do the rest of things for you to ensure that you have a smooth and low cost calling, with no worry of VoIP: WIF, 3G or any apps, it is 24 hours 365 days,

This add-in chip on any SIM starter kit will cost you $375 only. The current operations are located to Denmark and Norway for now, but soon the presence will be felt across the Europe, USA and other countries too, just keep a tab on this blog.

Modus Operandi

Do make calls as you call normally, and the Interfone’s system will connect your call with them thus making low cost calls to abroad or while roaming overseas,

So do not change your mobile phone, do not change your operator, do not change your GSM-SIM, just use the Interfone add-in SIM sticker, on your existing SIM and get ready to make the one of the cheapest international phone calls in the world,

What the customer of Danish Interfone has to do is, just add the chip card sticker to his mobile’s SIM card to get benefit of the cheap international calling or texting, or may be overseas cheap roaming while on the globe trotting, nothing more to do, no apps needed, no software is needed, no Skype, no accounts, no hotspot, no WIFI or 3G … just use your own and ANY cell phone, ANY SIM from ANY operator, and make the cheap calls to save money,

This will make a huge savings in making phone calls abroad and international roaming which could be anywhere from 20 to 97% in the cost, and will benefit most to call or travel North Europe or Asia, where the Denmark based Interfone would have its own calling gateways to route the voice calls,

Interfone says they are even cheaper than EU’s call to cut roaming in EU countries.
… We know the telephony has now-a-days been evolved from Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of TELEPHONE to the most modern, sophisticated of the cell phones, tablets and VoIP calling with or without the help of numerous apps.

The phone is not only a phone now to make calls now; it has other uses like playing games, texting, watch TV, apps, music, doing maths and such numerous applications; the old plain, simple telephone has transformed into the most complicated smart phone now!


Crossword puzzles app for Android and iOS

Play crossword puzzles on your smart cell phones and tablet PCs,

Some people are really crazy (may be intelligent and have patience) to fill the crossword puzzles published daily in the newspapers or magazines, now they can play them easily of the digital screens of Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iOS) or Google Android smart phones and tablet devices for free

Download free Crossword puzzles app for Apple iOS,

Download free Crossword puzzles app for Google Android cell phones and tablets,

Hints and leader board are included in these digital edition of crossword puzzle games, they have ease of use and ease of erasing, so you can try easily and many attempts.

Paid version for $9.99 has some more features like this app auto loads many publicly available crossword puzzles on your device from different sources, which also includes NYT classic crossword puzzles for the subscribers'.

play crossword puzzles on iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android
Crosswords for iOs and Android app

Related: blog is no more?!

What happened to ? The self acclaimed 'authority' blog on VoIP by the self acclaimed Singapore based 'VoIP Guru' Vinay Rasam (alias utgodmode)?

They say that VoIP guides is/was the 'big gun' and a very popular blog on VoIP niche and making free internet calls, it was said to be a 6 year old consistent blog, which comes high to the SERPS or in organic Google searches, but where VoIP guides has gone suddenly and why? how it is vanished like Dinosaurs from this Earth? ? Is it a mystery? What happened to this popular VoIP guides blog is a million dollar question for its regular readers' ...!topic/blogger/D1nt4HkRe5Q this is in a public domain, you can read yourself, nothing is hidden here all explained...

Death of a 'BIG' VoIP blog??

Well, VoIPguides was a blogger free blog, it was hosted on Google's servers and not on a top level domain, Google has the strict policies, and it could remove free blogger blogs if they do not adhere to its policies,

It is reported that VoIP guides was caught by tech savvy Google's automated and strong spam filters thus got deleted and there is NO recovery till date of this blog, time will tell whether it will make a come back or never to its regular readers,

We believe that Google will re-check and give this blog an another lease of life, if this is really giving useful info to the VoIP world at large : )

It is clear no one is BIG when it is Google and rules, just follow the webmasters guidelines, be happy and let your users happy and give them a nice web experience with happy Google too :)

Don't be evil when it is Google! Learn the lessons from the Masters or by your own experience!

what happened to VoIP guides, VoIP Blog? The VoIP blog is deleted by Google for spamming?

Live Video-Speed-Date on cell phones, in real-time, for free

Flikdate app gives fast, free and real-time, live video speed-date over cell phones and tablet PCs:

Who do not love to 'date' ... ? than must use this live, real-time free video speed-date app for iOS mobiles and tablets, which permits the real-time, face-to-face, free and fast speed-virtual mini blind date or live and free video calling over your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch etc, no more only video clips show or such, it is a real-time; face-to-face; live video chat on smart cell phones!

Login with your FB account, with no worry, they will NOT post on your FB wall about your love to your darling :) choose a real male or female and get a head start, you can change your 'dates' like the playing cards :)

They claims themselves pretty boldly, the world's first mobile date service with real-time video!

Start your chemistry, physics, geography, maths, Latin or Greek whatever you love to say with your geek ;) If you want to make your face beautiful, no pimples, without specs or braces than use this photo app or make a search over this blog for more such face beauty apps ...

Well, here in this Flikdate, each session of live video date on mobiles starts with 90 seconds limits to know each other, if you want to increase more 90 seconds each time, you have to spend what they say as 1 Flik!

Look what they explain:
"You can interact by talking or with a thumbs up or a thumbs down, or if things start heating up, ask them for a date! If they accept, you get 10 minutes of video time to see where things lead. (Getting a date will cost you 5 fliks – you pay only if they accept.)"
The age to make this video chat is above 18 and NO to nudity or such events. You can even ban any date forever (perv alert feature for safe practices) your own reasons of misbehaving or so,

Facebook identity mechanism ensures to ban the bad guys whose pants are always off :( though this is a chat with anonymous friends, but the system knows who is talking with whom and as I told you the FB recognition mechanism is good to hold the persons who love to show case the nudity as was in Chat-roulette! But still a safe zone is always advised to those who care.

live video speed-date on cell phones
live video speed-date on cell phones


Dell Voice-Fongo Blackberry VoIP app; Free Canada calling

Call for free to most of the Canada (using data plan, on land lines or cell phones, without using carrier voice minutes) now with Dell Voice, on your PC or smart cell phones,

Dell Voice, VoIP app works on Windows PC, Home Phone, Apple iOS, Android and RIM's Blackberry (powered by Fongo),

Blackberry Bold (9700, 9780, 9790, 9900)
Blackberry Curve (9300, 9320, 9360)
Blackberry Torch (9800, 9810, 9860)

Dell Voice app for making free VoIP Blackberry calling
Fongo-Dell Voice, VoIP Blackberry app

Dell Voice for Android tablets and smart phones

-You will get a local Canadian real free phone number for your Blackberry as a second line or may be you can use your existing one,

-Make free VoIP calls (uses internet data for voice calls, no calling or carrier minutes or air-time minutes are exhausted) across the Canada using 3G, 4G or WIFI (wireless),

-Turn your WiFI enabled iPod Touch or a tablet into a virtual voice calling phone with Dell Voice by Fongo,

-'Limited' 911 emergency calling support, you will get,

-Caller ID, Call waiting, visual voicemail,

-Follow Me: make sure you recieve every phone call, so make free forward your incoming calls to a cell phone, home phone or to your frienfs home, Dell Voice will call 3 phones simoultaneously and if they are not being picked up the phone call will go to your voice mail service to get an answer,

-Uses WIFI, 3G, 4G but hoping in-between or switching between WIFI and 3G,4G is not possible this time, sorry,

-Low cost calls to internationals.

-No carrier contract, use your WIFI,

-Fongo to Fongo free anywhere calls,

-Complimentary voice mail to emailing service,

-Background incoming calls notification,

-Support, toll free: 1 855 323 6646

Free video call app for Android & iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Vippie (by VoIPSwitch) HD voice VoIP soft phone app for making free video calls, texts etc. with attachments to US, Canada using smart cell phones and tablet PCs (Apple iOS, Android) ... its also coming for RIM's Blackberry, Windows, Symbian.

There are numerous apps now a days and ways to call, text or communicate by the way of audio, video calling, text messaging, IM or such things using 3G, WIFI or internet,on the move. 

Video calling, texting on smart cell phones for free
Video calling, texting on smart cell phones for free
Vippie is an another app to make free VoIP video call conferencing over smart cell phones and digital tablet devices. The difference between this VoIP free calling app and others is, this is getting very popular in a very short time, it is being downloaded 100,000+ times in just one month of its release, so what is in it special?

Vippie social communication app has lots of super things, generally all for free:

-HD quality voice, 

-free video calls,

-audio multi party conference calling, call transfer and call waiting,

-Send free text messages with attachments, pictures, audio video files etc. using mobile,

-Text messages deliver y confirmation and also push messaging suport,

-Facebook support,

-Visual and voicemail, video mail with voice mail like MP3 to email,

-Adverts free, free calling experience,

-No more bill shock, reduces your phone bill drastically,

-Like any standard SIP app, this soft phone app provides the users' to dial cheap VoIP calls to any mobile or land line in the world, (other than the free US, Canada calling or other than free Vippie to Vippie calling over WIFI or 3G).

Free video calls, SMS from cell phones to US, Canada
Free video calls, SMS from cell phones to US, Canada 

Parrot Minikit Neo: hands free calling, texting while on a drive

Take your phone calls or texts on the road while on a drive: A voice recognition hands-free gadget for this

Have you ever wished that while driving a car, you may have the complete control on your crazy cell phone, which always rings, rings and rings or texts, 

While you also do not want to get into an accident while driving and taking a call, or texting, also who likes the traffic cops ticket for taking a call over cell phone while driving the car?

Well, life is not the name of bundle of problems, instead it is a cool thing for the persons who knows how to live happily, 

Parrot's Mini Kit Neo hands free Bluetooth device
Hand free calling, texting device: Parrot's MiniKit Neo
Parrot's MiniKit Neo

Parrot Mini Kit Neo is a compact Bluetooth gadget or an In-car virtual assistant, which has hands free, Bluetooth which could be controlled by voice, anywhere, so you can make, initiate, reject or accept a voice call, texts, on the drive by your voice control, nice sound quality and the good is that you can even connect two cell phones simultaneously or use their address books just by vibration of your voice or mouth's sound : ) is an innovative brand name in the cell phone's wireless devices, they also have developed a flying WIFI Quadricopter with Augmented Reality video gaming (phone controlled AR Drone).

What this hands free gadget can do for you?

Parrot's hands free mini kit neo also can let you know that you are on a drive; where you had parked your car and also can sense (using its vibration sensor) when people come-in or exit the car so this gadget adjusts or down its 'power' accordingly. This hands free calling and sms device interconnects or pair two Bluetooth gadgets at the same time, it syncs your contacts on your 2 cell phones at a time and all in hands free mode, just focus on your drive, not on incoming or outgoing calls or texts,

The MINIKIT by comes with accompanying FREE apps for Apple iPhone (iOS) and Google Android which enables the user to pin point or locate his car and to set the parking meter reminders and to auto reply SMSs.

The users of this device can also use its interactive vocal service: TEXT FRIENDLY, here one can compose emails, texts or can listen them vocally, 

How to connect a call or text, hands free while on a drive?

Just say the 'MINIKIT' in your voice and this will ensure to initiate the voice recognition over this small 70 gm. device, than speak the name of the contact to be called ...

This Mini kit neo is expected to cost approx. US$100 and is expected to hit the Europe and the US stores' shelves by September 2012. Keep an eye, share us on Twitter, FB, bookmark and subscribe us for the more updates.


China: Weixin Free VoIP Video Chat on Mobiles

China's Tencent is one of the largest and biggest ISP in terms of volume or customers size, thanks to the budding population of China, which could turn any thing 'BIG' very soon ; )

Tencent has an extremely popular free IM (instant messaging) in China known as QQ (it has approx 715+ million active users now)

Tencent has another feather to its cap, they have WEIXIN: this is a smart mobile phone app, which already is being downloaded by millions of people in China, (its English version is called as WeChat), this provides chat and group chat for free on the Go on smart cell phones which are Apple iOs, Android, Windows Phone or Symbian etc.!

Throw a message in the bottle in the sea: Feature

They have an interesting feature, MESSAGE IN THE FLOATING BOTTLE, a screen, with an ocean with a few glass bottles, with messages within, these messages are written by the Wei Xin users around the network, any user can pick a virtual digital bottle, read the message, can comment it and than send the message to the user who did posted it in the bottle, this way a communication starts intra-network between users one write a message, put it into a bottle, throw it in virtual ocean and other users picks the virtual bottle, open the message, reply it and so on ...

Use Free VoIP calling in China using Weixin

Now more than 100 million Chinese users can interact for free voice and video calling over Weixin in China.

Weixin 4.2 will bring free VoIP calls to its users in China a home based native Chinese VoIP, which is a real threat now for Skype, Rebtel, LocalPhone, Tango, Fring etc. mobile VoIP providers which are very popular in other parts of the Globe.

This is something like Kakao Talk ( in South Korea which is giving away free VoIP calls to its users there despite the resistance of its local telecom operators,
Communications never should stop, the show must go on ... free is the key world which this world still loves : )


Unlimited Free Phone Calls to Sweden

LocalPhone's free worldwide calling promos are going on and this time you can dial unlimited free phone calls to Swedish land line phones using Localphone via any cell phone, 3G, WIFI or local numbers technology, this is very easy and much easier than Skype or Apple's Facetime, even internet is NOT required, if you are using LOCAL NUMBERs to call anybody,

Cheap international calls with Localphone

Also try 5 minutes free calls to anywhere in the world, without any credit card information, just login with Facebook or make an account at Localphone,

If you continue to use the Localphone than minimum recharge is $1 with NO expiry ever, just use and forget, call or text international on very low cost rates from anywhere to anywhere on the Go, from any phone, any mobile or a land line ... no service charges, no hidden charges, no contracts and all ...

If you use Apple or Android than use their apps for iOS / Android for your smart cell phones and make the cheap overseas calls on the Go, try it once, it is worth : )

Shoot under-water photos; videos on iPhone with Scuba suit

For the people who are fond of swimming or scuba diving, and also of Apple's iPhone, now you can shoot a snap under water, or make a video, without being thinking that your iPhone will be no more, if it got into the water,

Scuba suit (photojojo's) protects your iPhone all along while swimming or a scuba dive, may be you are in a swimming pool or enjoying the vacations at some cool Hawaiian beaches, just wrap your iPhone with specially designed Scuba suit to protect it with any water and be a smart technology photographer, inside the water, shoot the fish, crocodiles or swim with them and make them jealous of your white or black iPhone, which they might never have :(

how to take pictures underwater with iPhone?

Scuba suit ('driSuit') is 100% water proofed (with liquid airtight barrier) and will protect you Apple phone to make you enable cool pictures, underwater, it has a touch sensitive gel optical grade screen which will help you to take quality and clear pictures, even under-water with an ease. 

Capture images now in water, snow, rain or while swimming (up to 15 feet deep), your iPhone (4 / 4S) is a best device for you to shoot  pictures or videos now in the water, just protect yourself, not to your iPhone. 

Throw a pool party, clad your bikinis, swim and shoot photos or group photos - under-water; dance with the Sharks or Whales, imagine wild, life is fun : )

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