Why to Skype; GTalk or VOIP is an offence in Ethiopia?

Al-Jazeera reports that using the VoIP calling services like Skype.com; Viber or Google talk could land you in prison for up to 15 years, in Ethiopia, as they have made it a criminal offence, but why?

Offence related to unlawful use of telecommunication laws could be termed as a law to curb the freedom of expression and right to speak, which is really should be condemned by any sane societies ... national security is fine but why to criminalize the use of internet telephony?

Is this the game of declining revenues of local telcos versus VoIP? TechCrunch says that country's only ISP, which is State owned is, http://www.ethionet.et/ has been filtering its citizen’s Internet access for quite some time now to suppress opposition blogs and other news outlets.


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