On{X} remote controls & programs Android phones using a JavaScript API

Microsoft Israel has initiated an ambitious on{X}, an app or a project for Android cell phones, tablets and devices to automate your Google's Android gadgets, hence your life too : )

What is on{X}, why it is on{X}, how to on{x} ... etc. may be the numerous FAQ, which could hinder and wander any curious brain,

Well, this is a Microsoft initiative to remotely control & program an Android device, using a Java script API, hence it extends and controls the capabilities of your Android tablets or cell phones, simply it means if you have an Android, your digital world would be easy for you.

You can define any rules, to 'program' your simple Android gadgets and it will follow your digital commands, it is easy and worth, like you can command or program for your Android as:

suppose, you are on a drive and during that, get a phone call; set command for your Android device to auto-text message as:

"I am on the drive right now, I will call back you later"

Microsoft's on{X} app, programs and remote controls any Android
Microsoft's on{X} app program and remote control any Android

or program your smart cell phone as: 

"When I reach office, remind me to call Mr. David, for an important discussion."

You may also love to program your Android like this:

"When I reach home, remind me to take the kids for a dinner."

on{X} app program and remote control any Android
on{X} app program and remote control your Android
on{X} simply is a type of a virtual digital assistant, which could be pre-programmed (for 'recipes') from remote distance to ease and share your work something like Apple's SIRI. The difference is that you can program your on{X}, using Java script API, from anywhere to control your Android device-s.

How on{X} app helps you? (login & authenticate with Facebook)

... They say on{X} app for Android, automates your life, this seems to be quiet right, as this app has the very capabilities that anybody seeks, it helps you, it reminds you, it can be pre-program from a remote distance and it take a virtual control on your digital life, may be some less hassles for you, if you use this app on your Android.

Download on{X} for your Android:

If you want to be a geek, you just need to learn basics, how to create or program the Java script rules or commands or bit of coding and push them to an Android phone.

Simply you never ever can pre-program your hubby, but you always can to your Android ; ) ..... just automate and control your electronic life, when you need a mental peace, you will need this on{X} for Android ... sorry Apple and iOS users, we have no such info for you, so you can always use above mentioned SIRI.

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