LocalPhone's free phone calls to Irish land lines

Localphone, is one of the cheapest internet telephony or VoIP provider to world from UK, they are cheap; reliable and honest, just try them for free..

Localphone has a free unlimited calling promo week to make free calls to all Irish land line phones, just get registered, make free calls to Ireland and after that just pay minimum $1 in your credit balance to get unlimited cheap phone calls using your ANY mobile phones, tablets on local numbers, WIFI or 3G,

-Try for free, though there is no free lunch, but they have free overseas calls for us,

-Buy minimum $1 calling credit, which never expires with the time until you use them, make calling from any mobile on the Go, or PC or landline,

-No fine prints or contracts, no service charges, pay as you go,

 -Call quality is nice,

free calls to Ireland, call Ireland

free credit, international calls

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