Call for free to US; Canada and UK phones, from iPad, iPod or iPhone is an established, popular, easy and trusted video chat platform to make free live and real time or face to face video call conferencing and now it has a new app for iOS: Firetalk 

Free calling voip app
free call app: Firetalk
Firetalk, the free telephony app has something more to offer to its global customers, free calls from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch over WIFI or 3G, no real phone number is ever required as this would be a VOIP calling, thus calling could be done over Apple iPad or iPod Touch using WIFI or 3G data plans without a SIM card,

 ... this Firetalk app provides for absolutely free calling to any phone numbers situated in US or Canada something more than that, i.e. a free calling also to the UK land line numbers,

Also it has cheap rates phone calls (over 3G or WIFI) to any country in the world like any VoIP or telecom provider with $1 free calling credit to the new customers to test the app and make a free test call to verify the call quality with rates genuinity,

App to app calling and texting is always unlimited free to anywhere in the world from anywhere, like most of the apps provides for on WIFI or 3G, but the data charges will apply, so be sure, before a go,

Where there is a noisy signal, no signal or dropped calling problem, you should use WIFI to make a VoIP free calls over this VoIP free calling app,

The free calling app, firetalk never will clash with your normal or the regular phone number/service, so do not get worried, and it is a advert free service, so only free calls and say NO to any ads : )

Watch the video, how to send free text and make free calls using Firetalk app:

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